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Margaret W.N
Margaret W.N

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Let's document!

Hi, I'm Margaret. I'm a student and developer.

Today marks the beginning of my 100daysofcode challenge. I'll be blogging about it as an accountability measure.For the next 100days this blog will be my public space and obligation to document my journey all through. Expect technical articles explaining new concepts or errors i bump into.

Join me in my journey to become a better developer in 100days. May i make it to day 100 and skill up in the process. Wish me luck!

Links to the daily articles:
Day 1 Installation errors as always
Day 2 Working with Mongodb is turning out to one hell of a headache
Day 3 Mongoose! Explaining a concept on a article is not as easy as i assumed.
Day 4 More on Mongoose
Day 5 HTTP post verb.
Day 6 Middleware
Day 7 Implementing Put, Patch and Delete HTTP verbs.
Day 8 Habit Tracker API: Project Setup
Day 9 Habit Tracker API: Set up mongoDB
Day 10 Toying with Animations
Day 11 Habit Tracker API: Get & post
Day 12 A working habit API - minus the frontend.
Day 13 Consuming API's
Day 14 Consuming API's Part 2
Day 15 The popup
Day 16 One line still counts
Day 17 When is doesn't work, we hate programming
Day 18 A one day trip to frontend mentors
Day 19 Add habits function
Day 20 Code refactoring
Day 21 The diversion, trying out SCAMP Assesment
Day 22 The confusion
Day 23 User signup and password hashing
Day 24 User signup adjustments
Day 25 User Login
Day 26 Password Authentication
Day 27 Controllers
Day 28 Creating a Readme File
Day 29 Github Readme Profile
Day 30 Generating A Json Web Token
Day 31 Verifying a token Secret
Day 32 Http Status Codes.
Day 33 Handling Token Secrets
Day 34 Middleware verify Token
Day 35
Day 36
Day 37 Idea Generation
Day 38 Valid Arguments for app.use
Day 39 Getting Started With Morgan
Day 40 Deployed Back End to Heroku

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