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10+ places to earn crypto as a writer

Cryptocurrencies are a great fit for the creative industries in many different ways. They can allow creators to take micropayments or to accept direct payment for their work without banks or payment processor taking a cut and potentially trying to censor content they object to. They can even create novel ways to monetize content in the first place.

Writing is no different, and if you have any talent at all for it then you will find plenty of places where you can earn bitcoin or other crypto as a writer. In order to keep this article to a manageable length I’m focussing on short form writing here: usually from a few hundred to a few thousand words. Whether your skills are in creative writing, providing clear and concise guides, informative news and opinion, specialist analysis or consumer reviews, you will find there are a wealth of different places looking for writers capable of producing quality content and willing to pay in crypto.


Since this is the site you are reading this article on most of you are probably familiar with Publish0x. But since some of you may have found your way here from Google or by clicking a link and may not have visited before here is a brief description:

Publish0x rewards both writers and readers for their contribution to the site’s success. Readers who register an account get a certain number of tips to dish out each day from a pool of Bounty0x tokens provided by the site itself, and can choose to take up to 80% of the tip themselves or give it all to the blogger who published the post they are tipping. Writers earn these tips and will obviously get more for producing quality content that people want to read and reward.


Steemit is a social media and publishing platform where you can earn Steem tokens from writing, as well as other media. It is similar to Publish0x but instead of earning tokens for reading and tipping consumers only earn if they are successful ‘curators’; they can do this by discovering and upvoting posts which later become popular.

The service has been around for longer than Publish0x and is well established and reasonably well known.


Coincircle provides a platform to design, architect, engineer, market, sell, and integrate tokens for established companies with market-leading products

Bounty Hunting

Bounties are tasks with a fixed reward which anybody who meets the requirements can claim. Within crypto there are always lots of bounties for writers. They will generally involve writing and publishing an article about a new project. Often you can publish the articles on Medium or even sites like Publish0x or Steemit, but sometimes you may need your own website to put them on.

Other bounties might include writing social media or forum posts.

Two good places to find writing bounties would be Bounty0x and Crowdholding.

Setting up your own blog

Starting a website of your own is fairly easy and inexpensive, especially if you use a free content management system like Wordpress or a platform for creating your own decentralized blog like Airtext. Of course getting readers to visit it is more difficult but with time and commitment, and great content, it is possible.

If you have your own site you can then earn Bitcoin from your writing with one of the many crypto advertising networks (e.g. or using affiliate programs which pay in BTC.

Writing Reviews

I don’t have any personal experience of this myself so I can’t vouch for how good these sites are — please leave a comment if you’ve had any experience using them — but in my virtual travels I have come across a couple of places where you can earn crypto for writing reviews of businesses and services you have used.

They can be found at and

Decentralized News Network

If you are a journalist, or fancy turning your skills towards producing news stories, then you may like to take a look at DNN Media. They provide a platform for journalists to publish their work independently and get compensated in crypto. You can also earn extra by helping to curate content published by others.


For anybody who fancies themselves as an expert in a specific field then Lunyr may be the ideal place to put your penmanship to work. It is basically a decentralized version of Wikipedia, but with the addition of crypto token payments to anybody who contributes to the pages of this collaborative encyclopedia project.


This SoundCloud alternative makes use of the Lightning Network to facilitate Bitcoin payments to beatmakers and musicians. If you have managed to build up a following for your work then asking them to support you may be very lucrative for you.

Write for bitcoin news sites

Many of the most popular blockchain news websites are actively looking for writers and will be happy to pay in BTC. It will help if you are a native English speaker and have some previously published work to show them, but you don’t necessarily need to have worked as a full time journalists before. If you know the subject and are able to show high quality work in your portfolio then you stand a good chance of getting work as a freelancer contributing an article or two each week.

For example, CryptoCoinsNews is looking for new journalists.

Freelance job boards

Finally, you can land freelance jobs that will pay in your currency of choice from one of the many freelance job boards which specialize in catering to this industry. There are a few out there, and the best one for you depends on whether you prefer to be paid in BTC or ETH, so I would recommend you take a bit of time to search through the different options yourself. But to get you started, you may like to check out Coinality.


If you work on your own blog then you need to care about sizes of images - large images can increase the speed of loading pages and decrease SEO. ImageOptimizer can help you in this case - it dramatically decreases the size of images without loss of quality.

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CryptoDetail Learning Hub • Edited on

It’s Jim from CryptoDetail, a crypto education hub trusted by big players (Cointelegraph,, Financemagnates, Softonic, etc).
Now you can publish your articles on (no fee).
Just create a contributor account on this page:

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Good list, as of 2020 I would add earning cryptocurrency by blogging, writing is possible on Ecency too. Create rewarding communities, check it out:

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Jay & Crypto the Cat

Thank you for the run down on creating the blog site with affiliate links. This is one of the most profitable for anyone needing a good affiliate program. Just sign up. Rollercoin.

cryptothecat profile image
Jay & Crypto the Cat

Thank you for the run down on creating the blog site with affiliate links. This is one of the most profitable for anyone needing a good affiliate program. Just sign up. Rollercoin.

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Abraham Ali

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good one thanks for sharing the information regarding crypto

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