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Thu Nghiem
Thu Nghiem

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Yes, you might hear this many times already, but I am going to say it again: 'The best way to learn coding is to do it'. Tutorials help a lot if you are just started, but if you don't do what a developer do, you will never truly know how to code.

So what a developer do? Well, most of the time they code based on the requirements and designs.

Where do I get these if I am not working? You can create your own requirements and your own designs or maybe just recreate an existing websites. You can also visit :)

What is

Devchallenges is designed for everyone who wants to be a software developer, it consists of different projects or you might call it challenges. Each challenge is different and will test you different aspects of coding. It includes small user stories and beautiful designs. It reflects real-life tasks that a developer do daily.

You can also find different paths that will help you navigate your career path. Currently, it has only responsive and front-end path, but I am working on more challenges. You will get a certificate when you complete a path.

You can also share with the world your thought on the solution by writing a post in your submission. But it's all up to you.

There are many to come and I am working on it.

It is totally FREEEEEEE!


Either you just started or an experienced develop, you will have to improve your skills all the time. Devchallenges does not limit you whichever technologies you use and you do not have not worry about the designs.

When you complete a project, you add a project to your profile, which can be shared with everyone and used for applying to a job. You can also find a solution section. It shows all the solution that is completed.

Solutions section is a good place for people to learn from each other after completing the challenges. It is for you to share your thought, help others and save your favorite.

When you complete a path, you will a certificate.

And I will be there to help you when you get stuck (by joining slack channel) :)


Here is the two examples that you can do in devchallenges:

Weather app

weather app

You task is to create a weather app using an API and implement beautifully designs. All the resources is provided to you. You can start to code immediately.

This is perfect for everyone who wants to practice library like React or Vue.


Well, I have not to say how important a portfolio is if you are a developer. This might deserve another post but I am proud to present you this portfolio challenge. Not only it has beautifully design but you can customize it the way you want.

You can work with just HTML and CSS or create reusable components.

What you get

I might already mention already, but you will get a list of projects to add to your portfolio.

You also get a certificate after completing a path.

I hope that I will build a community around this but well.. let's just hope for it.

Why am I doing this for FREE

The reason I become a developer is to build something meaningful that help others and I guess this is also true for many of you.

I now have a good job and some free times, so it's really a good time for me to do this.

I am doing everything from designing and developing the platform, so I hope I can get some support from you guys to build a great place to help others.

Anyways, if you haven't checked it out. Please do and share it with people that it might help. Thank you for reading this.

Visit at:

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gilbishkosma profile image

I am surely gonna use it. Love the site and challenges.

nghiemthu profile image
Thu Nghiem

Thank you so much. Looking forward to your solution :)

abdulsalam profile image
Abodunrin AbdulSalam

I love this. Thanks for making it free. This is something bug to give back to the community.

francisco profile image
Francisco M. Delgado

We should start a hashtag for these challenges to lookup easily here on

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

😄, Nice idea, Just saw in listings. This is good idea to learn.

ezequiel_caste profile image

almost done with the Responsive Web Developer Path :)

vumartell profile image
Ngoc Anh Vu-Martell

So cool, man! And huge respect for what you've done. I'm looking forward to complete these challenges.

nghiemthu profile image
Thu Nghiem

haha you are also from Finland. Yeah check it out :)