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Nicklas Gellner
Nicklas Gellner

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I asked OpenAI's chatGPT to write a ballad about Open source tech πŸ˜‚

Normally I mostly write about everything Medusa related, but could not help sharing this one.

Also, used OpenAI for the cover photo πŸ˜‰

In the world of technology,
Where innovation knows no bounds,
A new way of building rose,
With a philosophy that astounds.

Open source, the name it bears,
A community united,
Sharing knowledge and skills,
To create tools that excite.

From Linux to WordPress,
And countless projects in between,
Open source tech has flourished,
A force that cannot be seen.

No longer bound by profit,
Or the will of just a few,
Open source gives us all,
The power to create anew.

With open source, we are free,
To use, modify, and share,
A world of possibilities,
A future beyond compare.

So let us sing its praises,
And join the open source movement,
Together we can build,
A future that's worth the toil.

A future that's bright and bold,
A future that's ours to hold,
A future that's open and free,
A future that's meant to be.

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Muhammad Sifat Hossain

Scary 😨

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Krishna Agarwal

It's great πŸ˜…

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Anderson Christian

agora eu acredito.

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*Absolutely Stunned !