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Nick Wu
Nick Wu

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Compile Podcast Ep 11: Can WFH be productive?

This week my good friend John joins me again to talk about how to be productive while Working from home during the times of quarantine!


  • 00:42 Chill zone and catching up
  • 02:45 Topic intro: productivity while working from home
  • 03:20 Our WFH experiences
  • 10:35 Establish a clean cut between work and life
    • 16:08 Having a dedicated work area
    • 19:40 Get some fresh air/change of scenery
  • 23:05 Keep your work routine
  • 25:35 Take a breather before starting work
  • 28:58 Our typical work day during the quarantine
  • 35:00 Get your remote toolkit ready
  • 44:15 Be social and avoid loniness
  • 46:34 Distractions and how to moderate them
  • 54:09 "Compile" time

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Top comments (2)

eonuk profile image

I've adapted quite nicely. The key thing is to start and finish at defined times. For me its 9:00am. Sometimes I get up late and am literally rushing to "get to work" and am 5 minute late to log on. It works though

Secondly, I'd agree - a dedicated work area is very important.

The rest, I find a lot better. The equipment I have is better. I don't have 3 hours of commute each day. I can actually find a desk every morning (no hot desking). I can wear comfortable clothes. I can take 10 minutes out and use the skipping rope outside. So many advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

nickwu007 profile image
Nick Wu

Glad to hear that you are settling into WFH nicely!

3-hour commute is a huge save of time and can be applied in so many things too. I wonder if you have used it for work, or personal/social purposes?

Lastly, thanks for checking out the episode! Share it if you can, cheers!