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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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My Twitch Stream Setup

So I started streaming on Twitch last year.

Most of my streaming efforts have been dedicated to the DEV Twitch stream, but I'm finally getting back into streaming regularly on my own stream as well.

I've been streaming for about a year now, so I've tweaked things as I've gone along and have learnt some things from fellow streamers.

Here was how my stream looked liked about a year ago.

Nick Taylor's Twitch stream about a year ago with a very basic layout. Just a screenshare and a webcam

Here is what it looks like now as of yesterday.

Nick Taylor's Twitch stream improved with integrated chat, and more assets to make things look better

I thought to get back in the swing of things with my stream, that it made sense to go through my setup. The video is still up on Twitch, but I'm going to link to the YouTube as the Twitch recording disappears in two weeks.

Things that I cover are how I made the layout, what I use for video/screen sharing and how to provide and enable closed captioning for viewers.

I talk about using Discord for video and screen sharing, but initially I started with Zoom. It worked, but I found it clunky having to transition to the shared screen view. Maybe if I had a stream deck, this wouldn't have been an issue. There is also which I've used when I was on @chaelcodes's stream. I'm exploring using this right now for my own stream, and maybe eventually the DEV stream.

In this particular stream, the audio is all good, but there is a delay between the video and audio which never happens when I stream usually, so I'm chalking it up to showing my stream setup in the stream. 🙃

I forgot to talk about my hardware setup, so for that, checkout my uses page.

All streaming happens on Twitch, but as mentioned, I also upload them to YouTube. Feel free to give me a follow on both. 😎

If you are a streamer, I'm curious about your setup!

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Peter Witham

Thanks for sharing your setup, I'm still working on mine as I've done a total reset under a new account specifically for my Apple development.

Right now it's looking like this

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Nick Taylor

I've committed to learning Rust on my stream, so check that out and follow along!