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Projects with Great Documentation

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) ・1 min read

I'm looking to compile a list of projects with great documentation so as to provide examples to contributors and maintainers for Hacktoberfest.

Some projects with great documentation that come to mind are React and Vue.

What's a project that you know of that has great documentation?


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tsParticles uses typedoc to create basic documentation, I created also a customized theme with markdown support to add custom pages with more details, readme are also a good point to start.


I’m updating that right now and if someone has some good ideas is welcome to contribute


React Spring (though I wish the library itself would hurry up with v9 and especially Reanimated support).

The "preliminary docs as issues" approach of Jotai (under the org formerly known as React Spring) is beautiful, and @dai_shi is a shining example of maintainer involvement in them (and all Jotai issues).


not sure if it counts. But the arch wiki is the ultimate source of linux knowledge wiki.archlinux.org/


Rust has one of the best language documentation I have come across :
Rust-wasm has really great 'getting started' docs : rustwasm.github.io/docs/book/intro...
Rustling course has a nice readme : github.com/rust-lang/rustlings


great inspirational tech docs sites listed here!

if you're looking for an example of a smaller open-source project: pypyr

the docs are generated with the awesome Hugo static site generator, and the theme itself is also open-source, so if you like, you can make your own.

warning: I might be a bit predisposed to like this one, because I made it 😆


The docs look great! 👏🏻

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thank you so much! 🙌

I tried hard to make something functional but also have it look a bit more designed (without going overboard).

So the nod from the cool alligator makes it all worth it 😎


Stripe docs have to make the list


Also worked recently with stenciljs and enjoyed reading through the docs


Now you’re making us blush. 😊

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The docs of pg-promise are very detailed. I also like json-server because it's easy to follow.

@dayhaysoos ' project use-shopping-cart has a Q&A type approach which is very helpful.


+1 for Vue as a great set of docs.


React Query and React Table docs are amazing


Go and PostgreSQL come to mind. Maybe also Crystal.


Check out vue-nodegui. It's a cross platform desktop app library with vue.

docs at: vue.nodegui.org
repo link: github.com/nodegui/vue-nodegui


php, on php.net, you not only find the documentation, but also very useful examples, that help to understand the functionality


Laravel has one of the best documentations I find 👍🏻



Fastapi (fastapi.tiangolo.com/) : micro back end framework written in python


Docsify, which as a matter of fact is a documentation site generator.



Hashicorp has great docs: learn.hashicorp.com/


next.js has one of the best documentation imo. Very concise, straightforward and easy to comprehend.