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Nick Taylor
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What's the Best Mesh Router for 2021?

I have a Google Home mesh router that I've had for a few years and it's been working well, but I'm looking to upgrade to something faster and probably add a fourth node.

Yes I've Googled and found some, but curious what folks here think. What mesh router would you recommend in 2021?

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Nick Taylor • Edited

I did some more research and went down the mesh router rabbit hole on YouTube. In the end I was deciding between the Net
Gear Orbi
and the ASUS ZenWifi XT8.

In the end, I went with the ASUS ZenWifi XT8. It has really great range and I also need it to go through some thick brick walls, i.e. my garage where I workout and my backyard. It also has amazing parental controls for free forever. Having said that, they’re both comparable, but the ASUS seemed to be the better option. We’ll see. 😎

It was a bit pricy, but I plan on having this router for a long time, including when I boost my Internet package at some point.

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Nice! thanks for sharing.
I was about to buy Google Nest mesh after reading this i will also buy the ASUS Zen.

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Nick Taylor

I've been pretty happy with it so far. 😎

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Glenn Carremans

I have been using AmpliFi HD with 2 mesh points for almost a year and recently installed the same at my dads house.

Setup is very easy and clean, just follow the steps in their app.
Also the features it has are very nice for most home setups.
And the range is amazing.

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I've had awful luck with the range of the Nest WiFi system