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Kickass VS Code Extensions To Make Your Life Easy

Here is a list of some of the extensions that could be useful for primarily front-end developers who want to get the most out of their VS Code. You might be familiar with a lot of them, or you might be not. Either way, these extensions can drastically improve your workflow and make your IDE more attractive.

For Faster Coding

  • Kite: You just have to press the TAB button to have your code auto-completed, saving you a ton of time. Kite works with almost every language!
  • Live Server: A live reload feature reflected on a local server with whatever it is you’re coding.
  • Live SASS Compiler: Compiles your SASS/SCSS file to CSS files in real time all with a live browser reload.
  • blox: helps you access the full code of pre-built UI kit components with just a click.
  • Code Spell Checker: This will tell you when you’ve mistyped something in your code.
  • stylint: Amazing to clean up your messy CSS.
  • CSS Peek: Manages pull requests and conducts code reviews in your IDE with full source-tree context.
  • Path Intellisense: Automatically suggests paths you’re currently working with if you forget the location of your image or you need to fill ‘href’ and ‘src’ tags.
  • DotENV: Supports and highlights .env files.

For Easy Reading

  • Beautify: de-minifies and properly spaces your ugly markup.
  • Prettier: Very similar to Beautify, Prettier makes your code pretty and more readable like placing brackets and properly spacing everything automatically.
  • Better Comments: Creates human-friendly comments in your code.
  • Bookmarks: Helps you navigate your code, jumping from one section to the other easily.
  • Log File Highlighter: This gives your VS Code .log file support so the next time you’re reading a log dump, you won’t go bonkers.
  • MetaGo: Focused on more keyboard usage with fast cursor movements/selections.
  • Material Icon Theme: Adds visual icons for every file you’re currently using to help you keep track of all the files.
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2: Helps you find where one bracket starts and ends, and helps you understand the structure of a function.
  • Image Preview: Helps you check if you’ve referenced the correct image/icon by showing a preview on hover and in the gutter.
  • Rainbow Brackets: Highlights the current bracket-set you are in to identify your location easily.

Other Fun Extensions

  • Discord Presence: Displays your discord status as ‘coding’ so your friends know when it’s best to not disturb you.
  • Settings Sync: Syncs your settings, themes, snippets, launch, file icons, keybindings, extensions, and workspaces between multiple VS Code instances using a private gist.
  • Polacode: Highlights your code and snaps a clean screenshot with your code’s theme colors. Great tutorials and documentation.
  • One Dark Pro: This is for when you don’t quite like VS Code’s default design theme. You can configure everything as you want it—font size, italics, etc.

A lot of these have been tried and tested by me and my fellow devs, so if you spot the one that's your ideal choice and a choice you can’t live without, give a hoot! And if this article helps you find ‘the one’ for you, please comment and let others know so they could hop on the bandwagon as well!

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morvy profile image

you don't need bracket pairs / rainbow anymore as it's built in VS Code for a few months

barhuumi profile image
Ibrahim Farah

Thanks for sharing, really useful!

notmahnoor profile image

always here, mate!

cubikca profile image
Brian Richardson

I love the modular nature of VS Code and the considerable customizability. Thanks for pointing me at a couple of productivity and formatting extensions I'd missed.

notmahnoor profile image

I know, right! So glad I could help you, mate. Cheers!

dannyengelman profile image
Danny Engelman

What is the relation with the #webcomponents tag you used?
That tag is for Native JavaScript Web Components

elias_soykat profile image
Elias Soykat

If anyone install all of extensions in one single ide than he / she maybe couldn’t coding smoothly for vs code slowness..

jjaimealeman profile image
Jaime Aleman

I have 38 extensions installed with 32GB DDR4 RAM ... you need more RAM!

lukasvv101 profile image

even with 16gb it's fast enough

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jjaimealeman profile image
Jaime Aleman

Should be, But poorly-coded Electron apps are notorious for memory