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If you are in a state of war between frameworks you should leave the battleground. Join the Buddhism, Go is Zen.


I agree!

Especially if you're comparing frameworks across languages! Plus OP hasn't stated use the case or his/her experience with PHP or Python.

Finally as they say, the best framework/language is the one you know best ;)


with django I am much more productive everything is easy and everything is ready to receive a pip install, with laravel my performance is pessimo simple things become much more difficult.


can you tell us examples of what is built-in in django and doesn't exist in Laravel ?


Sexy security...

  1. One way or the highway...

  2. Scalability, fast fast fast

Laravel is good, but for scalability, nah, not even c++ or c# is fast


Django is written in Python. Laravel is written in PHP.

It seems to me that any decisions would need to start with the question of PHP vs Python?


Agree, depends on project, if you’re app/website is data driven, and has huge complexity but easy to build, Django and python is your man, sorry, laravel can’t cope with huge amounts of data or sort it but I admit it’s a good framework, too many ways to do things, not good for scalability when it’s huge data

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