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🗣️ Our speech about "IT holism" at #nodes22 💡

🍿 Speech chapters

In this speech, you'll discover how modelizing your IT system as a social network can bring huge benefits.

I will show you the journey we have accomplished, from an absolute beginner to a team project bringing unprecedented KPIs and knowledge.

  1. Intro
  2. Transform a comic book into a Social Network : "Learn by doing"
  3. The Rise of cartography : Methodology
  4. Prototyping approach to impact culture & deliver
  5. The stack we used Tools we used
  6. IT Holism : "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
  7. Holism Pyramid : My IT Maslow Pyramide
  8. Get the data from the right place : API integrations, csv,...
  9. Mapping the organization as entities and relationships
  10. Putting metrics on the graph
  11. Applications centralities by domain
  12. From Vision drawing to data Identify SPOFs
  13. Skills management and cartography
  14. Topology as KPI
  15. Score how much "you DEVOPS"
  16. Applications & services centrality
  17. Technical Debt & EoLs
  18. Link source code to technical debt... to financial cost
  19. Cartography implementation metaphores and paradigms
  20. The skills we got
  21. Impact the culture
  22. The questions that matter
  23. Questions and answers

🍿 Whole speech

🔬 Zoom & discover data model

📜 The story of our datas

📊 Technical debt dashboards

↩️ Menti results

During the speak I asked people to answer some simple questions, here are the results about what people did expect :

Image description

Image description

🕮 "La brousse en folie"

Below is the source code of one of my datasets :

GitHub logo adriens / brousse-en-folie-network

Découverte du réseau social de la Brousse en Folie

🔖 Complete playlist

Neo4J has published all speeches, just pick the ones that interest you the most :

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🎅 Thank you (nothing to do, just enjoy) and happy merry christmas 🎁 #1975


We are building a cartography and recently, thanks to we could integrate EoLs to our technical debt reporting. This would have been possible without :

  • Your awesome project
  • The team behind the project

This issue is just to thank you for that.

🎁 The feedback

Below your find how I spoke about in our speech at Neo4J #nodes22 event :

🍿 Shortcut to videos

☝️ Other remarks

I'll make some more contribs soon to match our stack on 😸