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10 JavaScript tips that can help you understand this programming language better

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Get a random item from an Array

Use splice() if you want to delete an element from an array

Use map() when looping through arrays

Stop using "=="

Get a random number

The trim() method

The isFinite() method

The toFixed() method

This is a way you can empty an array in JavaScript


I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

Please do not use map instead of forEach as a rule.

Map only makes sense if you are mapping.

This is easily misunderstood by beginners i my experience. :)

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Fotios Zachopoulos

Totally agree!

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Yep πŸ‘

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Joan Albert Segura

Doing myArray.length = 0; is not the way, just go with [], easier, more performant and less error-prone.

I also think that .map instead of .forEach or for is incorrect, you should use the last two to loop arrays and the .map only if you want a new array instance, by the way .map is very slow.

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Conner Ow

Wow, man. Amazing article and tips!
I'll be sure to use these a lot!

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Pasca Vlad

glad to hear that you liked this mate