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Pasca Vlad
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25+ JavaScript tips that can help you understand this programming language better

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1. Object Methods

2. Recursion Function

3. .slice()

4. Async and await

5. Proxy

6. Basic DOM terms and concepts

7. To-Do list code

8. How to hide a text using DOM events

9. How to create and use a class

10. How to select a character from a string

11. How to check if an object belongs to a class

12. Prototypes methods

13. How to import everything from a file

14. Destructuring

15. How you can use constructors and the this. keyword

16. How to use Prototypes

17. Everything you need to know about Modules

18. Why you should use Static Classes over Prototypes

19. How to find the lowest/highest number from an array

20. How to use .map() array method

21. How to use .sort() method

22. Arrow functions explained

23. How to use instanceof

24. How create a regular expression

25. exec() regex function explained

26. test() regex function explained

27. match() regex function explained

28. search() regex function explained

29. replace() regex function explained

The end

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Matt Ellen

The example for number 2 (recursion) is the same as for number 1. Not sure if joke or mistake...

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Pasca Vlad

no, thats a mistake, thanks for leetting me know

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Timothy Rowell