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Pasca Vlad
Pasca Vlad

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30+ Free eBooks for all developers

If you found value in this thread you will most likely enjoy my tweets too so make sure you follow me on Twitter for more information about web development and how to improve as a developer. This article was first published on my Blog

A Visual Git Reference -

Conversational Git -

Introduction to Git and Github eBook -

A beginner's guide to HTML&CSS -

Dive into HTML5 -

Learn CSS Layout -

Magic of CSS -

Basic JavaScript for impatient programmer -

Exploring ES6 -

You don't know JS -

Oh my JS -

Angular.js Guide -

Introduction to Node.js -

Full-Stack React Projects -

Hacking with React -

Programming React Native -

30 Days of Vue -


Clean Code PHP -

PHP Best Practices -

Learn PowerShell in Y Minutes -

100 Page Python Intro -

A Beginner's Python Tutorial -

CodeCademy Python -

Effective Django -

SQK For Web Nerds -

Learn TypeScript in Y Minutes -

A byte of vim -

Explore Flask -

Learn Markdown -

Getting Started with Ubuntu -

3D Programming in Java -

IoT in five days -

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The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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David Richards

Hi Pasca,
Interested to know what you think are the most useful parts of IoT in Five Days?

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Nice! Thanks for this man!