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How I got a job as a developer at 16

In this article, I want to talk about how I got my first job as a web developer at 16 having 0 experience.


I started coding at 15 in Python and then after a few months, I switched to web development. I learned HTML and CSS from Freecodecamp where I also built a few front-end projects.

I understood media query in CSS and I was able to build responsive websites using them (this helped me get the job).

Where I found the job

I was really active on Reddit and one day I found a subreddit with developers from my country. I made a post where I told everyone what I was doing and that I was looking to work on some projects during the summer.

I thought that no one will see my post but I was wrong. A guy who had a start-up saw the post and asked me if I want to make their website responsive because he really liked the websites I built in the past.

How I got the job

We had a phone call and we talked about things related to the job. After that, he gave me two simple tasks that I solved using media query.

He really liked my work so I got hired for 3 months.

What I did next

In the first 2 months, I made all their website responsive and changed the design of a few features.

After that, I talked with the senior developer from that start-up and I told him that I can do some Javascript tasks too so he gave me some simple ones.

Now, how can you get a job too

Based on my past experience I can only recommend you to find some online communities with developers from your country and tell them what are you working on and that you are looking for a job.

You never know who sees the post you make and you might get a job as I did.

What's next?

Now that I no longer have a job I'll focus more on learning Javascript and building more front-end projects, you can  follow me on Twitter as I continue to document my journey there.

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Shashwat Verma

Interesting dude, what projects you are working on?

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Pasca Vlad

I usually work at one small projecte every week. Now I'm working at a book list website