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Pasca Vlad
Pasca Vlad

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My freelancing strategy

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I started freelancing 2 months ago

In the meantime I:

  • Built over 50 landing pages
  • Made websites for 5 well-known accounts in my niche
  • Got my first paid client

And today I'll share my strategy with you

First, let's clarify some things:

  1. My niche is Twitter course/content creators who sell on Gumroad
  2. The service I sell is web design
  3. I use @carrd to build the landing pages

Now, let's talk about the strategy I use:

  1. How I find my potential clients

I know most of them already from Twitter but I also did this:

  1. Searched on Gumroad for courses that are promoted on Twitter
  2. Look at the accounts other Gumroad creators follow

In the beginning, it took longer to find them but now I...

just scroll through my timeline and find new potential clients every time

Now, here is something very important

After I find a potential client I

  1. Add their name is a notion doc
  2. Spend 10 minutes reading their tweets, and learning more about them

The second point 2 is key

  1. What do I do next?

I don't like the "traditional" way of doing outreach where you just ask a person to work with you

I believe that leading with value is key

And this is exactly what I'm doing. How?

Well, I'm building an entire landing page for them...

Yes, I do that before even talking with them

I do have some templates and systems that I use to save time but it still requires quite some work to build that landing page

Then, only after I have the landing page I do the outreach which is step 3

  1. The outreach

This is quite simple, I have a DM template that I use and I just personalize them for every client

I also mention that they can use the landing page for free in the DM

But the most important part is FOLLOWING UP

Trust me...

Most of the clients I got replied after I followed up

Then, after they reply I transfer the website to them and let me know that I'll ask for a testimonial after a while


Because this is what I'm aiming for right now, the social proof

I'll think about the money later

And that's mainly all of it

I repeat the exact same steps for each potential client

Some decide to work with me in the future, some send me a testimonial, some also pay me for my work and some don't reply

No matter the results I'm happy because I enjoy what I'm doing!

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter._let me know. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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Benjamin Lebron

This is actually a pretty great strategy. This allows you to build proof of work for later use so that you won't have to work for free later on. Excelent post!

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Pasca Vlad

glad you liked it!

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Per Starke

Ohhh that's so interesting! I tried many things, but that one is new for me as well. Will try that out for sure! Thanks for the input.