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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

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LibreOffice vs MSOffice vs Google Suite vs ???, what would you choose for each task?

From this post, if I don't care about editability in others' computer, I might probably choose.

  • Word Processor
    • Libre Writer Or Markdown Or HTML Or Pug > MS Word
    • I should try LaTeX to PDF.
  • Spreadsheet
    • Google Sheet > Excel
    • If it gets large, I would just use frontend + real database
  • Presentation

So, MS Office for compatibility reasons. I do agree it looks sexy, though; but not that practical (and breaks between version).

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Word processor: I got rid of that entirely and happily replaced with a mix of Markdown and reStructuredText in Vim. Pure joy, I really hate the amount of time wasted in WYSIWYG word processors

Luckily I don't have to use much of it lately, some was replaced with Jupyter Notebooks and Python, some with tables in reStructuredText/Markup and the rest with a bit of Libreoffice (Calc)

Presentation: Replaced with or my presentations, with the years, are getting simpler, lighter and you have to be really important information to be on them.

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Louis • Edited

The only MS Office Software I'm still using is PowerPoint. However, I get it for free from my school and would never ever pay money for it. I'm fine with everything that makes it easy to place text or images on slides in a easy and visually appealing way. That said, PowerPoint's Design Recommendation tool makes it really easy to compose good-looking slides. I just throw all my text and images onto a blank slide and it'll be composed to a sick slide with nothing but the click of a button.

Miss that functionality in Google Slides so far.

Besides that, I switched to the G-Suite for everything else. My spreadsheets, text docs, even notes are living on Google's servers and it's splendid!

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Ben McNicholl

Just the fact you can work on the same document with someone means Google wins every time. Collaboration is hugely important, especially in this day of working from home.

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leob • Edited

Google Docs for me, and OpenOffice (I'm on Mac OSX), but I admit I need just the basics, nothing fancy. For simple note taking or "to do" lists even just VIM to edit text files does the trick. Last time I used MS Office I definitely hated it, especially since they introduced the atrocious Ribbon UI, and in general MS has the habit of making their software way too complicated ... KISS is the word, simple does it.

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Google Sheets is great because of the QUERY and IMPORT* formulas.

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Rodion Borisov

People still use Word even though formatting is very opinionated thing and even if they find it unnecessary, they keep stepping on this rake. KISS, Markdown one love

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All: Graphite Docs.