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Actually, there are two

  1. @tbhaxor/vue-w3css β†’ Vue-W3CSS is the componentized form of w3.css. The package is ready but documentation part is still left.
  2. node-proxifyjs β†’ a promise based handy module for nodejs developers to find fresh and working free proxies from free-proxy-list.net/ by calling only one function


A modern, secure, and reliable dashboard for Agenda with search and pagination capabilities written in vue.js

At my software company, software on the road, we used agenda and agendash in almost every project, but the former was very old, buggy, and rusty. so we forked it and rewrote it using vue.js


To resolve the 3d Bin Packing Problem, 3dbinpacking in PyPI :)



Simple and clear library for form validation, based on hooks