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What are you listening to while coding?

I discovered tons of good music during our work watercooler discussions. Lets try this here? What are you listetning in general? Concrete bands? Song? Playlists?

I am usually listening to Spotify Discover Weekly and or some author's radio.

I have a special programming music playlist I fire up everytime I need to concentrate hard or reset the mood.

If you want to talk about msuic or whatever else, you can reach me on my twitter.

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ronald_arias profile image

I'm with @kasun, it depends. If I'm working on standard semi-deep tasks I usually listen to different piano playlists, if I need real deep focus and to block everything else, I go for upbeat techno. Any other time it varies from acoustic covers to mainstream pop or rock songs.
I never listen to music with lyrics if I need to focus!

johnkazer profile image
John Kazer I can't cope with anything with vocals when working

samselfridge profile image
samselfridge • Edited

For when I need to concentrate, 'relaxing video game music' is perfect

When I'm doing the usual stuff that doesn't require lots of brain power, these "Vocal Deep House Music Mix" are nice. NSFW warning, the videos are 1/2 rich kid drone travel videos but the other half are models in bikini's in slow motion. Nothing XXX but you probably don't want your manager watching it over your shoulder, even when there not girls on screen your 'next suggestions' are enough to raise an eyebrow (see below)

dmiracle profile image
Dylan Miracle

Chilled Cow beats to study and relax to

samselfridge profile image

I was really hoping these were going to be actual cow noises put together in a relaxing way...

jazznerd206 profile image
Andrew Miller

Get work done: Deep Modern Electronic, no vocals
Inspirational/Creative: Modern Pop, any singer, specifically soprano vocal range (idk why, I would change it if I could, but it's the way its always been)
Relax: Anything with some bodacious horns

nbilyk profile image
Nicholas Bilyk

Today, Art Blakey!

kasunkoswattha profile image

It depends on my mood and the nature of the work that I'm working on. It can go from Instrumental calming music to death metal :)

primaryw profile image
Jay H. • Edited

I have been listening to LoFi HipHop radio on YouTube. Sparse lyrics but great chill beats.

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