What have you been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to?

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Things come up, projects and ideas and improvements get kicked down the road.

What have you been planning on doing for a while, but just haven't found the time or motivation to tackle quite yet? I'm sure we could all use some commiseration and encouragement.

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These are things I want to go "wide and shallow", as in get a basic, working knowledge. For some, it's just that I haven't touched them yet or recently:

  • Databases, SQL & NoSQL
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Angular
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • PHP (to be 100% honest, this is to game the resume grep machine)

I want to "go deep" into full-stack app development, but I don't have many app ideas.

I've got one idea that would need image recognition and augmented reality...I just need to do it!


I bought a raspberry pi almost a year ago - and I have no idea what to do with it. I thought I was going to write some code to have it do some neat smart-home-automation-thingy... but it just sits on the shelf mocking me.


I bought a rapsberry pi for fun and to integrate it with a guitar pedal board. I guess I should start with simple applications instead of a complex one.


I m too interested. Please update when you will achieve it :)


I have been wanting to build a website for me and my friends to showcase our work on a domain I bought, laserbeam.io. Dang... I haven't even gotten around to replacing the splash screen from NameCheap. I will do something by the end of the summer though.


Very simple, yet haven't just buckled down to do it.....Write my skeleton web-app that has all the necessary components I want to throw at my projects when starting off. This includes having all my travis, docker, go-to software pattern structure and basic test framework structure set up. Maybe me putting it up publicly will be enough of the shame to actually get it done....


Unit tests for the side project I'm working on. Every week I tell myself "this is the week I'm gonna start writing some tests" but it just never happens. :(


Like the 'wide and shallow' on AWS and Azure
Full infra automation - parts done, just not all hanging together.
Get 'good' with PowerShell - have shallow knowledge that gets done what i need - but need to get better.


Ive wanted to learn enough bash and cli tools to automate repetitive file manipulation/movement for a while now. Googling the commands and arguments kinda hinders productivity :P

The other one is understanding inner workings because I keep wondering how Git merges changes or how does it store files, branches, versions etc without too much duplication? A lot of it seems so magic. And hopefully it helps me understand some of the more advanced commands past the everyday ones.


I have been meaning to write more personal scripts, but never take the time to do it. I have virtually no command-line customization and it's all a matter of not bothering to get to it. It's, like, years of putting this off.


I have a point in todo-list to share my Impostor Syndrome story with dev.to/kathryngrayson/share-your-e.... Still not done.


Diving more into robots!
I've gotten burnt out this summer and am taking time to get myself back into the right frame of mind. Hopefully this fall/winter it'll be a good project!


Start learning docker and using it. It really gets recommended to me all the time, though I never seem to remember when I have free time on my hands.


I keep saying that I'll study Angular2+ and ReactJS, but always find a reason to postpone


Move to using Observables. For the love of god, if someone can give me a concrete reason to use them over Promises, I'll buy them a beer!


I've owned trailatlas.com since around 2005. I've been wanting to build a hiking trail web site since then, but's never bubbled to the top of my priority list!


12 years in the making!! This will be a fun one to do "research" on; you can formulate your strategy out on the trails. I always get great thinking done on long hikes.


Writing an eBook idea that I have
A side-project for car travellers in Europe
Taking over the world :)

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