What are the CLIs you use very often?

phantas0s profile image Matthieu Cneude ・1 min read

I was wondering what people were using the most in their favorite terminal, for inspiration. Of course, I guess many of you use ls, cat and cd, but what else?

For me, it would be:

  • ripgrep
  • find
  • fzf
  • tail -f
  • awk
  • sed

It would be nice to share our dotfiles, too. Here's mine: https://github.com/Phantas0s/.dotfiles


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I spend most of my time editing files so.

  • tmux
  • nvim (neovim)

Other often and not so often.

  • pnpm to replace npm.

  • task. A task runner I use for my personal projects.

  • exa as an alias of ls because of pretty colors and their integration with git.

  • nnn as my file manager.

  • lazygit for when I need a GUI for git but I really don't want to use a GUI.

  • lynx a text-based browser for really quick search. To make it more comfortable I have this funny things in my .zshrc

# Transform the arguments into a valid url querystring
  local args="$@"
  jq -nr --arg v "$args" '$v|@uri'; 

# Query duckduckgo
  lynx "https://lite.duckduckgo.com/lite/?q=$(urlencode "$@")"

alias '?'='duckduckgo'

Since we are sharing dotfiles, here is mine.


Nice! I'm also using Neovim and tmux, with Zsh as shell.

I didn't know task, looks pretty cool! It's true that I'm a bit lost in my Makefiles sometimes :D

I always wanted to use a text browser for quick search, your scripts look cool for that too. Thanks!


Hope you find something useful.

Using tmux + neovim + lynx is definitely something interesting.


I used to use lazygit as a replacement for Gitkraken, but in the end I missed too much all the features and the simplicity of use of it. Even if it takes 1,5G of RAM...


I have used GitKraken before, but after a while I realized that I'm not a "git power user" so my needs for the GUI are very basic. When I saw lazygit I said "that's it, that's all I need".


I use all the ones that you've listed except find, plus a few others:

  • less over cat or bat
  • ping for quick latency check
  • wtf WTF Util as a quick command line utility for statuses on almost everything that I care about

My dotfiles


npm / npx
serverless (this one is for a side project!)
mongo (sometimes CLI is faster than GUI!)

That's about it I guess 😁


git of course. I forgot this one from my list.


Oh and I forgot grep!
Very useful for finding a specific commit like so :
git log | grep "what I'm looking for"

  • trash rather than rm -rf (or rimraf)
  • concurrently
  • docker
  • nano rather than vi or nvim

Nice! I didn't know trash, but I should definitely try it. I'm a bit tired to delete files I didn't wanted to delete :D

  • docker-compose
  • htop
  • cat
  • messer (facebook messenger TUI)
  • cordless (snap package for a discord TUI)
  • mpsyt (youtube TUI player, mostly for music)

The first 3 are for work, the last 3 are to reduce ram usage by not using more chrome tabs. But mostly because I'm a fan of TUI apps


I love TUI too! I even developed one for analytics stuff.

I didn't know mpsyt.That's cool, I sometimes listen to music from Youtube.

  • tig

  • pushd, popd

  • grep

  • git edit alias for git commit -p --amend

  • git rebase

  • less


pushd / popd are great. I thought it was working only in Zsh, but it's available in Bash to.

I often use tig too. Great tool!


GitHub Hub to create PRs from the command line.


I tried this one but I don't write that much PRs on Github :) but it's a good tool for sure. Thanks!