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A VS Code Extension That Will Make You a Better Developer

It’s a bold claim to say an IDE extension can make you a better developer, but you should install this new Pluralsight extension and see for yourself.
What do you do when you run into a coding problem? When I’m working on something, I follow the same steps:

  • Try a bunch of stuff
  • Google it
  • Stack Overflow (Google usually sends me here)
  • Ask a peer/friend
  • Go to Pluralsight and search for the topic (especially if it’s something new to me)

In the last step, I search for a course in the library, then drill down to the thing I need, and see what I’m missing.
This extensions will do that for you automatically.

This Pluralsight extension suggests clips from courses on the things you’re working on right now. It suggests content based on your code to help strengthen your skills. Here’s an example.

I have a React application loaded up and when I load up app.js:

Visual Studio Code

It’s suggesting some JavaScript clips I can watch based on what I’m working on in app.js. It drills down even deeper though. When I open up serviceWorker.js I see this:

Visual Studio Code

Now the extension suggests clips like how to register a service worker as well as some great demos. If I don’t know how a Service Worker operates, there are some quick ways to ramp up here.

I can open each clip with a single click and watch as many as I’d like.

Today the extension supports javascript and related technologies, but there are plans to include other languages support soon.

Here are some other cool features:

Dependencies Related View

Visual Studio Code

In this view, you see recommended content based on the javascript dependencies in your application. Not only that, you will see metrics for popularity, quality, and maintenance of those dependencies. This is a great way to see if the package is being actively maintained and if you should consider other alternatives.

Workspace Related Content

Visual Studio Code

In the workspace related view, it looks at all the major technologies used in your project and recommends content based on it.

Channels View

Visual Studio Code

If you log in with your Pluralsight account, the channels view can show you a listing of all your channels. I have created 18 channels on Pluralsight so this is a helpful way to browse them when needed.

Content Search

Visual Studio Code

With content search you can easily search Pluralsight’s content for related courses. This one is really handy for a quick search of something you may have temporarily forgotten or to brush up on a new framework, library, or coding practice.


Pluralsight takes your privacy seriously. Your source code always stays on your machine and is not sent to Pluralsight.
The extension looks for meaningful search terms in the active file, randomizes the order, removes any high entropy terms (potential passwords), eliminates any code comments, and then submits a request to the Pluralsight recommendations engine to find relevant clips. You can disable this if you’d like.

Why You Should Try This Extension

Habits in your workflow determine your success. By making learning part of your daily habits you’re giving yourself the advantage of constant improvement. This extension helps you learn in small doses when you’re stuck or when you’re curious and want to learn something new. That helps you become a better developer.

You can find the extension by searching for "Pluralsight" in the extensions view in VSCode or on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

If you have suggestions or feedback, share it with

Discussion (16)

jkirchartz profile image
Dr Rev J Kirchartz

That's cool and all, but never have I ever found a tutorial to be helpful when I'm working on a highly customized codebase that overrides the default behaviors these sorts of tutorials rely on... Pluralsight is awesome for learning, but I don't need it in my IDE.

heikokanzler profile image
Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

What a shameless advert. I understand that platform needs to make money, but they should be fair enough to tag such articles as an advert.

rrei profile image
Rui Rei

Ergh, the commercial stink off this clickbaity article makes me sick... 🤮
This kind of content is what makes me want to come here ( less and less. Give me back my 3 minutes!

master_teeee profile image
Master Teeee • Edited on = (you)

And holy f%#@ing s+*%balls! £24 a month!?

If you can't solve the problem from stackexchange (free), then you should probably just give up. Trawling through videos isn't going to help.

stremovsky profile image
Thread Thread
jasondavides profile image
Jason David Espinoza Siles

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

robboclancy profile image

Yeah I'm gonna be better because I have a list of videos to watch. Instead of just doing the work. Wtf is this.

entrptaher profile image
Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

After seeing this awesome post (advert), I am thinking of creating a skillshare extension, and a udemy extension, and a wesbos extension, and a youtube extension and a lynda extension.

Opps, I forgot about stackoverflow extension.

chrisotto profile image
Chris Otto • Edited on

I really like Pluralsight, they have great content and when I want to learn something new it's my go-to. But having an extension to list tech relevant courses from Pluralsight while I'm trying to work on something will probably just get ignored or minimized. I like the idea of trying to make content more accessible to the people using it but this extension won't do it for me.

robertbernstein profile image
Robert Bernstein

Suggestion: the title is VS extension, but should probably be VS Code extension. Thanks for sharing this extension!

nedu63 profile image
AllStackDev 👨‍💻

I need a remote job guys... Back end nodejs, Reactjs/Angular 4+ front end.

webdevinci profile image

Jeez. click bait must be hunted and terminated!

heikokanzler profile image
Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

Thank you. I didn't even spot the company name at this place. I have to apologise a bit.

siamcr7 profile image
Jamil Siam • Edited on

"Go to Pluralsight and search for the topic (especially if it’s something new to me)".

I am sorry to say this but, never have I ever done this in my whole coding career.

lazar955 profile image

Ads are getting smarter