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10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Video as a Marketing tool For Their Growth

Video is the future as many people consume media content and all are falling towards video above other media content. View counts and engagement rate continues to rise so there is a reason for every small business to use video as a marketing tool for their growth as it will make a business reach a broader audience and create brand awareness among people. Statistics says that 63% of business have started using video as a tool to scale up their growth. 83% of businesses believe that using video as a marketing tool gives good ROI

There is a huge growing popularity for videos. Approximately 65% of internet traffic is in the form of videos. As many people online love to watch creative and informative content. Big business giants in any sector have been using video platforms as a tool for product promotion and for always being in connections with people. So let look into reasons why small businesses need video as a tool for their growth :

1. Raise brand awareness and generate more leads when compared with non-video content

One of the main goals of videos is to create brand awareness about the product or service. People watching the most engaging content raise brand awareness about the product or service as the brand is etched in the minds of people. Ultimately it leads to more website traffic and the generation of more leads. Another major reason to use video is for an increase in online sales.

2. People like the video a lot

People love watching videos so it’s for the companies to create engaging content to attract a broader audience to their side. Above 75% of people prefer watching videos rather than reading articles

3. Video is most engaging and valuable

Video is the most engaging and entertaining content that’s why youtube is till second most used search engine in the world behind Google. People nowadays are very bored of reading articles or blogs. People really like things that are visually presented than in theoretical text

4. Ranking Higher in search results

Adding videos to the website increases the visibility of the website as it is ranked higher on any search result page. By adding video to the website, chances for ranking on the first page increase by 50 times. This is mainly because people prefer watching videos to any other media content.

5. Telling your story and making people understand about your product through video

By watching videos on the website people will get to know and understand your product better before buying. Statistics says that about 65-85% of people buy the product after watching a product video. With the help of video, people will even get to know how to use complex products.

Sharing customer testimonials on the website will also convince the new user to buy the product or service. As other people will get to know about the previous story of customers regarding product usage. This kind of video build trust among new people so video helps in targeting people

6. Videos helps in more sales and boosting revenue faster

Using video as an advertising tool helps in increasing revenue at least half a time faster than using non-video content. Big companies have used video as a tool where there has been only an increase in engagement and sales when compared to images and texts. Showcasing the products in the form of a video and letting people know how to use the product will not only add value to the people but also urges them to buy the product. This has seen increasing sales up to 30%.

7. Video has now become a decision-making tool and people are watching more videos

People nowadays before buying a product they will go in search of videos about that particular product to know how it can be useful for our purpose or know about reviews of the product, to finally check whether it will be valuable for us or not. So people want to see the product usage in real-time situations to decide whether to buy them or not. People watching videos generally keep on surging not only online but also offline too. Each and every person now spend at least 60 minutes watching videos per day

8. Social Media platforms are full of videos

Even on social media platforms, people spend most of their time watching videos. If you check which is the most engaged, liked and shared type of media content it would be Video. Social media marketing is always on the rise so sharing videos of the product or service on this social media would always have a broader reach among the audience. You can even retarget your audience by finding out the people who all reacted and liked your video.

9. Most people watch videos on Mobiles

Most of the people above 90% love to watch videos on mobiles. People don’t prefer desktop or laptop to watch videos. So the rise of smartphones has become a huge factor that made people comfortably watch videos on a small screen itself.

10. Video gives you more return

The investment made to build independent video platforms or money spent for video ads whatever it may be, video still gives you a better Return On Investment. Video remains the only tool for driving traffic to the website, increase in sales and also give people better clarity about your product

Wrapping up

Coming to the final point I just wanted to say Video is a huge driving force at present to push small businesses to gain a huge base which results in the generation of more revenue. It’s up to the business to build up a separate independent platform with help of video solution providers or to make use of other third-party platforms to post their videos ads.

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stali94080841 profile image

You nailed it!
Video marketing plays the pivotal role in today's world, as audience are more attracted to it and also the information is easily conveyed with entertaining concept (or) content rather reading a long text.

I agree with 8th point, social media is overloaded with video (IGTV,Reels) for instgram, where the small business mainly can capture the video of the product and circulate it with relevant hashtags (low to medium) for better reach.
From audience point of view video of the product makes a huge impact on it. (let us know clearly how it is and how it looks).

arya00123 profile image

This blog about video as marketing tool for business will be really helpful for any business as video reains the trend right now as you can follow these steps otherwise you would be out of the race in near future

praveene27295 profile image

Thank you for your comments

shbz profile image

@praveene27295, Nice no dout video are the best marketing tool.

we also get some good result from the video our different projects. Video is the need of every business. I have seen those who make good video get the good result for their brand.

praveene27295 profile image

I will look into the blog you referred

krithiga profile image

Detailed explanation and reason on why you should use video as a marketing tool for your business

praveene27295 profile image

Thanks @krithiga

padmapriyam13 profile image
Padma Priya M

Nowadays most people spend time watching videos so it better for business to showcase their product or service in form of video as to create brand awareness and reach more people.

aryanraj profile image

Nowadys many people spend time watching video online so If you are business wiling to scale up your. then you can use video as a tool reach more people. Very informative article

praveene27295 profile image

Thank you @aryanraj

arshi292 profile image
RAshmi 29

Fantastic ideas about Small Businesses Should Use Video as a Marketing tool For Their Growth. This is very useful for most business people. Good article.