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Patryk Rzucidło
Patryk Rzucidło

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Make everything with Svelte

💡 Intro

I would like to introduce you to my collection of templates (or also called boilerplate). What are? They are starting templates from which to develop apps, sites, bots, etc... 2021-04-05 alle 13.15.28

My Svelte Github Templates

🏗 svelte-webcomponent = to create native html5 webcomponents using svelte

👔 svelte-spa = to create single page apps with svelte

🧬 svelte-electron = to create desktop apps using svelte-spa

📱 svelte-cordova = to create mobile (android and ios) apps using svelte-spa

🧵 svelte-kit-ssr = to create apps or websites with svelte optimized for seo using the server side rendering technique

🧰 node-modules = to create npm libraries

🪓 node-cli = to create terminal commands

🤖 node-telegram-bot = to create telegram bot in node

🤖 node-discord-bot = to create discord bot in node

🚀 About

What do this boilerplate series have in common? All. They all use the same folder structure, preconfigured typescript and jest, the same prettier, tspaths, eslint, the same contributors and badges generators in short, they are totally userfriendly and mirror image. Learning to use one is very easy to switch to another.

💾 Setup Project

If you want replace all strings (example: package name, author, urls, etc...) in markdown file, source files and others files of this project you need edit setup.json with correct values and run npm run setup.

💫 License

Code and Contributions have MIT License

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Fabio Biondi

well done mate!

blazinski profile image
Patryk Błaziński

I am amazed, definitely going to check it.
Well done!