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Pulkit Gupta
Pulkit Gupta

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Community Bonding Period GSoC'22

Hello 👋, I am Pulkit Gupta, currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from ABES Engineering College. This year, I have been selected as a Google Summer of Code Contributor 2022 by the organization CircuitVerse & I will be spending next 10 to 12 weeks with the community and Improving CircuitVerse Simulator

First, What is Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code is an online initiative aimed for attracting new contributors to open source software development around the world. GSoC Contributors work on a 10-week project with an open source organisation under the guidance of mentors, offering a great opportunity to learn and grow in a group environment.

About my organization - CircuitVerse

CircuitVerse is a web-based circuit simulation platform that aims to provide a graphical user interface for circuit design and simulation. Students, professionals, and enthusiasts will all be benefitted from this platform. The goal is to build a community around the platform that will help students master digital logic design on their own.

What is GSoC Community Bonding Period?

The phase, of around 3-4 weeks, during which approved GSoC Contributors get to know their Organization and their development strategies, contributing guidelines, and other necessary things and prepare to start working on their Projects under the supervision of their respective mentor, as set forth on the Program Timeline.

My Experience

My community bonding period was quite relaxed as I was quite familiar with the codebase and organization development strategies, contributing guidelines, and other necessary things, from the month of November.

After being accepted for GSoC, I was thrilled. We had our first meeting in the last week of May , and our mentors and fellow contributors greeted us warmly. We also interacted with other fellow contributors. It was a great pleasure to meet all of them. We had a fantastic meeting, and our mentors informed us about the CircuitVerse GSoC flow and shared their GSoC experience with us.

As I was aware of organization codebase and coding practise, So I started working on my project during the bonding period and planned to have minimum 1 meet every week to discuss the progress and future plan of the project 🚀.


Work Done So far

We have decided to first start with the Simulator Testing project(to build a testsuite over simulator engine) followed by the import and export of circuitfiles.

So that was my community bonding experience with the CircuitVerse community✌️.

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