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whykay 👩🏻‍💻🐈🏳️‍🌈 (she/her) for PyLadies Dublin

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PyLadies Dublin Aug Virtual Event - Packaging and Imports

🙌 Thanks to speakers and members of the community who joined us for another virtual PyLadies Dublin meetup on Tue Aug 18, we are still getting the hang of this, so thank you for attending and watching our videos.

Your support really helps. It took a lot of work to set it up, if you are curious, you can read Vicky's post about it:

Any feedback would be helpful to make this process smoother and easier to manage. 🥰

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Our meetup page for this event:


18:30 - 18:35 Event Starts / Settle down with cup of tea/coffee
18:35 - 18:45 Welcome & Announcements by Vicky
18:45 - 19:15 Poetry: Python packaging done right by Enrico Marchesin
19:15 - 19:25 Python imports, reloads, and associated dangers by Sorcha Bowler
19:25 - 19:30 Q&A (optional)
19:30 Event ends

Talk Details

Poetry: Python packaging done right by Enrico Marchesin


10 mins intro + 10/20 mins hands on


Was never really happy with the very rough experience managing dependencies in Python, especially after being exposed to the very advanced tooling used internally at Amazon. Tried to leverage the "official way", using Pipenv but run in a few issues and the project felt abandoned. When I stumbled upon Poetry I found almost everything I was looking for. The talk would be a quick and gentle intro to Python dependencies management and a look into how Poetry can help a long way to keep your sanity while managing and sharing packages.

It can be complemented by an optional 10-20 mins hands on session where participants can try Poetry out themselves from a web terminal and without having to install anything locally using just a web browser.

About Enrico Marchesin:

Currently a Senior Software Engineer at Cainthus, where I try to make cows happy using Computer Vision and AI. Previously worked at Amazon AWS Services, in a few small startups and also run a couple entrepreneurial adventures.


Python imports, reloads, and associated dangers by Sorcha Bowler


10 mins


I lost a half a day's work to trying to find a bug that didn't exist because reloading imports didn't do what I thought it would. I'm here to save you that fate.

About Sorcha Bowler:

Sorcha studied computer science in college, did a non-coding job for many years, taught themself python, got a coding job, and now writes code for Google and is still rather surprised by that.


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