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PyLadies Dublin Nov Meetup #DeepLearning #AI

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πŸ₯° Thanks to everyone who joined us at our last PyLadies Dublin of 2020! We won't be having an event in December, and will be back in Jan.

🌈 We would also like to thank our Community Sponsors:
Manning Publications - who offered us x3 books to give away on the night. We successfully raffled it off live and congrats to:

  • BoglΓ‘rka BarabΓ‘s
  • Nabanita Roy
  • Conor Nugent


They've also offered 35% to you all:

  • Use following code: mtppyladies20
  • Valid for 3 months until Mon Feb 15 2021
  • To use discount, visit the following link:Β

Another Community Sponsor I want to give a shout out to is Dublin Maker who have been very supportive and we are also using their Zoom for our talks.

πŸ“’ Announcements

You can find these announcements that I went through during the event in this shared pad

If you have any questions, something for us to announce, want to collaborate, support us by sponsoring, and so on, drop us an email at

πŸŽ™ Talks

This month we have two amazing speakers on two very different topics:

DeepTree: Automated Deep Lineage Tree Analysis via Single-Cell Tracking Software

  • Speaker: Kristina Ulicna
  • Talk Description: To study the nature of cell population heterogeneity, we developed a deep learning & computer vision-based single-cell tracking workflow for fully unsupervised analysis of large automated time-lapse live-cell microscopy datasets. We retrieved cell cycle durations in >20,000 mammalian MDCK cells organised into >5,000 multigenerational, automatically reconstructed, fully annotated deep lineage trees spanning up to 8 generations, without the demand for manual curation of the computer-generated trajectories.
  • About Speaker: I'm a biomedical scientist turned computational biologist at an interdisciplinary PhD programme at UCL, London. I have gained research experience from MIT & Cancer Research UK, where I first learned how to code & fell in love with python development.

Software architecture for proctoring tool

  • Speaker: Jaime Buelta
  • Talk Description: A brief architecture look at CheckpointZ, a proctoring tool for online exams, with special detail on the Python areas, like the AI module.
  • About Speaker: Python developer for the last 10 years. Regular speaker in PyCon Ireland

You can also view this video at and do remember to Like and Subscribe (especially that πŸ”” to notify you when our next video will go live).

Thank you for your support this year!

I would like to say thanks to all the speakers, supporters, my awesome co-organisers (Lei and Mick) for being patient for all the live-stream bumps along the way since April.

And folks, that's a wrap for this year, see you all in 2021!


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