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Introducing Quasar.Conf

The first Quasar Conference - Online!

UPDATED: 30.06.2020
We asked the community where the conference should be held and we noticed Quasar is popular across the world. Also, with the Covid-19 situation, it just made good sense to have it online.

The Venue

You'll find us on Youtube Live!
Subscribe to the channel or click the "Set Reminder" button to get reminded of the conference's live stream.

Save the Date!

Sunday - July 5th, 2020 at 15:00 GMT

Current Speaker Line-up and Topics

Razvan Stoenescu - Quasar Lead Dev and Founder
CEO of Pulsardev SRL
Alt Text

Update: Razvan has fell ill, and won't be able to be present.

Guest Speakers

Natalia Tepluhina - Vue Core Dev
Staff frontend engineer at GitLab

Alt Text

Wondering how $attrs will behave in Vue 3? What should you do when you have a multi-root component? What is the new 'emits' component option and should you add it to all existing components when migrating to v3? Natalia will cover all these cases in her Lightning Talk.

Danny Connell - Quasar Content Contributor
Indie App Dev & Course Creator
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Danny will demonstrate his neat PWA app called "Quasagram" - a gorgeous Instragram Clone built with Quasar & Firebase.

During the demo, he'll show how he integrated the following core PWA features into the app:

  • Precaching
  • Caching
  • Background Sync
  • Push Notifications
  • Home Screen Installation

If you are interested in building a PWA, then this is a must-see!

Joseph "Yev" Angeles - Full Stack Developer
Founder of Night Owl Studios

Yev is going to be demonstrating his Productivity App called "Qodo". He'll also be introducing some of the techniques he used with the intention of giving new developers coming to Quasar some inspiration via his experiences with developing the app.

Wilson Foo - Lawyer by Day, Developer by Night
Managing Director at Custom Automated Systems Pte Ltd

Wilson will also be demonstrating his Quasar-built "Covid Game" app. He designed it as a game, but it is also a learning experience about how the body copes and fights diseases. Wilson will be demonstrating how Quasar can even be used to build a game application. Quite exotic, but should be interesting.

Quasar Dev Speakers

Allan Gaunt - Quasar BEX Mode Lead and Senior Dev
Freelance Contractor
Alt Text

Have you heard about Quasar's new Browser Extension (BEX) mode which helps you build Browser Extensions with Quasar? Whether you have or not, Allan will introduce you to the new mode by demonstrating a neat little BEX he built and in doing so, show you how to get the most out of the new BEX mode. If you are a Quasar aficionado, you'll probably also want this BEX installed yourself!

Paolo Caleffi - Quasar TypeScript and Testing Lead and Senior Dev
Co-founder and CTO at Dreamonkey
Alt Text

Looking into working with TypeScript, Jest and Cypress without the integration hassle? Paolo will explain why those tools are important for enterprises, how you can set them up in a Quasar project quickly and more.

Jeff Gallbraith - Quasar App Extension and ESLint Lead and Senior Dev
Sr. Lead Developer at Intelliview Technologies
Alt Text

Did you know Quasar is very extensible? Learn to build your first Quasar Framework App Extension as Jeff goes through the topics of using the Quasar Framework UI kit to build an app extension, demonstrates the power of render functions, how to best organize your code and test your work.

Scott Molinari - Quasar Marketing and Support Lead
Business Systems and CRM Sr. Manager at Terex
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Moderator and Organizer of Quasar.Conf

Top comments (19)

l3ibak profile image

wow, I`m so excited for this <3

leob profile image

Great framework

landmax profile image
James Swansburg

Hi, it would be very helpful if a talk could be given on Debugging all types of Quasar Apps with VS Code.

benhayat profile image
Ben Hayat

Scott, I think you should invite Danny as a speaker. He brings a lot of value to Quasar

smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari

He was invited.


benhayat profile image
Ben Hayat


Thread Thread
smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari

Danny is also going to be doing a talk. :) I'll be updating the announcement with his talk topic soon.


vuefocus profile image

Very interested, but Australian time is 1am.
Can this be viewed later?

smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari • Edited

Hey. Yeah, we're concentrating on the US and Europe. Sorry about the timing. But, thanks for the interest and yes, all Youtube Live streams are also turned into Youtube videos too. Follow our Twitter or Facebook pages and we'll let you know when the video is ready to view.

34fame profile image
Troy Moreland

On a Sunday morning following July 4th... Good thing it will be available later!

vitorhugosg profile image
Vitor Hugo Soares Gonçalves

As it says here in Brazil:

Long life quasar-framework!

teguh010 profile image

looking forward. i love quasar framework

ibrainventures profile image

Great Idea !! var date = 'saved';

jimoquinn profile image
Jim O'Quinn

This is great! Love Quasar and looking forward to the conference.

ansezz profile image

Thanks, Greate Framework, Wonderful community <3

trayhard profile image

Nice, now I know, what i will watch for the whole Sunday ^^ Thanks for your amazing framework!

itshivat profile image
Albert Hidalgo 🐘


ymcheung23 profile image
Yohn Cheung

Will this conference be online after the live stream?

smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari