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Rahat Chowdhury
Rahat Chowdhury

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The Sylar Project V 0.0.2

Day 2 of working on my project for this hackathon. Today I was able to get quite a lot done:

  • There is now at least one resource for every state in the US as well as Washington DC
  • I had my first outside pull request after open sourcing this! I merged it in - it was to add a file for data for mental health resources in India. Once there is at least 5 resources in there I will create a page to choose a country and build out the India Page
  • I added a changelog, mit licence, updated the readme, and added a code of conduct.
  • Fixed up some styling issues
  • Added a digital ocean deploy button

My hope is that others might fork this and deploy their own versions of The Sylar Project for their local communities or their countries.

I've opened up some issues on the github repository so if you would like to contribute the issues can be found below:

If it's your first time doing anything with open source feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to pair with you on your first pull request!

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