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The Sylar Project V 0.0.1

I saw the announcement about the digital ocean hackathon and decided to just execute and iterate on an idea I had. I wanted some type of API that allows folks to quickly find mental health resources in their local area. What I've noticed is that while mental health resources do exist in a lot of different places they may be hard to find or buried in some hard to navigate government website. I want to help do the work in making these resources more accessible for folks who are looking to get help for their mental health.

As of writing this post, I have up an initial version of the site. I am working on adding different mental health resources state by state in the US. Right now I have a couple resources for Alabama and Alaska, I'm working through in Alphabetic order. My hope is others will fork this project and create a Sylar Project specifically for their community/city/country wherever. I can't cover the whole world but if others can help do this work I would love to make sure that all versions of The Sylar Project are linked on the repository as well as the website.

Check out The Sylar Project here:

Contribute to or fork the repository for your community:

I would appreciate stars on the repo as well thank you!

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This is a very nice app and I really like how it has a single purpose. I wish there were more apps which just concentrate on one area like this. I really like that the app very simple and direct. That's really important. I created my entry for the #doHackathon also. If you get a chance take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think. I've attempted to make my app focus on a single idea also so let me know what you think. Good luck in the challenge.

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I want to contribute to it, Add more resources #5.

How do I add resources from my country into it?

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Kirk Shillingford

I love this initiative. Checking out the repo now.