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GitHub Profile README Generator

A few inputs + ~15 mins = Your Github Profile reaches a new level 🔥

Usage 🔧

Fill in the text boxes. Leave the ones you do not wish to fill blank.
By default the generated ReadMe has GitHub stats and Wakatime stats, feel free to remove them.
If you want to build on top of the Readme, refer to the article I mentioned above for resources and tips
If you used this app to build your README, consider adding yourself to the "Users who used this app to generate a README" section. You can showcase your README and others will be able to view it and star it. You are guranteed a star from me ⭐

Features 💿

  • Gifs
  • Social Icons
  • Skill Icons
  • Visitors Badge
  • Github Stats
  • Chose GitHub Stats Card Type
  • WakaTime Stats
  • .yml file to display Blog Posts from your feed
  • Ability to add image banners at beginning of README
  • Random Jokes Card
  • Clicking on Skills shows your GitHub Repos filtered on that skill
  • Cool Image in the About Me section

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Atibhi Agrawal

This is super cool !!?

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Rahul Banerjee