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👨‍💻List of project ideas that will give you wings💸

Not satisfied with project ideas suggestions after googling “Cool Project Ideas”!

Confused about which project to choose that will be interesting to develop and fun to solve the problem.

Hola! then you are in the right place.
Let's see the ideas without wasting time:

  • 🖼️Online Stock Images Platform Platform that allow users to upload, search and download images. Images should be uploaded, searched with the help of tags. For reference explore Unsplash
  • 📊Platform to provide counters and real-time statistics for topics like Coronavirus, Australlian Bushfire, Tsunami etc. Data needs to scraped from trustable sources only.
  • 👩‍💻Platform to display ongoing online coding contests/hackathons To keep track of all ongoing online contests/hackathons on websites like HackerEarth, TopCoder, CodeChef, HackerRank etc.
  • 🏟️Web app for live scoring of any sport(s) Application that supports live scoring of sports for college sports fest.
  • 🏩Rooms for Rent Management System You are familiar with the great crowd of students, job seekers moving to cities to get the best coaching and a good opportunity. This will help the people especially students, searching the best rooms in a good locality.
  • 👩‍❤️‍👨Tinder for College It will be fun to develop a website that will solve the most common problem(i.e mingling with the opposite sex) of introverts, single bachelors. You will earn blessings.
  • ,👨‍💻Company Interview Questions Analyzer Keep records of the questions asked by companies along with their topics, difficulty level and no of times asked. It will be very helpful for the students preparing for interviews by analyzing the trend of different companies.
  • 👨‍⚖️Shows management system for VIPs/Professors/Celebrities Yes, you can develop websites that can help them to avoid headaches due to mismanagement.
  • 🥡Restaurants/Food Places recommended on the basis of reviews People often experience bad food taste/quality/hygiene at highly rated food places. So sorting them on the basis of reviews is a good idea. You can understand this problem if you are a student.
  • 🎶A website that plays music as per your mood just by listening to your voice How amazing you feel when someone plays a song that really suits your mood. So, developing a website to cater to this is an amazing idea. It will use Tone Analyzer(AI) like IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to analyze the mood of the user and you have to sort the songs as per the mood from your database How cool is that!
  • 👨‍🌾Website for bidding between Farmers and Consumers A portal where farmers can upload the data of grains/veggies/fruits produced along with the quantity, images, etc and consumers can directly bid with the farmers.
  • 💉Blood Bank Management System A web-based application to store, process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management within a blood bank of your locality.

What to Learn?

  1. HTML
  2. CSS or SCSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Javascript
  5. MySQL/MongoDB/PostgreSQL
  6. Python for web scraping

NOTE: These are the basic level technologies you must learn if you are a novice. Otherwise, you can use advanced technologies as well.

Feel free to share your project ideas in the comment if any.

Happy Coding!

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