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Hello fellow Developers!

Are there any of you out there looking for someone to do pair programming with? For learning, practicing, or interview preparations? I'd like to share some helpful information with you. offers free weekly pair programming matchups for its members!

Let me repeat that again, it is FREE to sign up and do weekly pair programming, 0 monetary costs, no BS.


What is pair programming?

This is for those who are unfamiliar with what pair programming is. If you already know what that is, feel free to skip to the next section.

Pair Programming is a proven technique that helps to improve code quality, transfer knowledge between developers, and gain valuable collaboration skills and experience. Just as important is the fact that this is a way to learn how other coders approach challenges and how they think.

Any benefits of signing for weekly matchups?

Through Chingu Pair Programming you will:

  • Meet a new developer every week to solve coding challenges together
  • Take what you know to the next level by sharing your knowledge with others
  • Learn new technologies and techniques from your peers

How does it work?

Pair Programming Sessions are scheduled weekly (Wednesday through Tuesday) from the second week of January through the second week of December.

Chingu takes the weekly pair programming signups and optimizes the matches based on criteria such as time zone, skill level, and technical stack.

How do I get started?

According to the Chingu Handbook's Pair Programming Guide:

  1. If you haven't yet, sign up for Chingu.
  2. You may signup for the next Pair Programming Session using the Pair Programming Match Request form.
  3. We'll match you with a partner in a Discord channel just for you, which also contains the next steps and tips for success.
  4. When your Pair Programming channel is assigned introduce yourself to your partner and set up a time to meet online.
  5. Select a challenge you can complete within one week. You should choose a problem you are both have and interest in.
  6. During the remainder of the week you'll meet as many times as necessary with your partner to complete the challenge you've selected.
  7. Provide feedback as to how Chingu can improve the Pair Programming Sessions (optional).

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I hope this post was helpful to developers who are looking for others to code with.

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This is great! Was looking for something like this.

rammina profile image

You might want to check Chingu for voyages in which you will work with a team to build a project together.