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rishabk7 profile image RishabKumar ・1 min read

Hello fellow devs and creators🙋‍♂️

Hello everyone! This is my portfolio which was made few months ago.
I used the following :

  • HTML 💻
  • CSS 🎨
  • JavaScript ⚙

Why am I sharing this🤔:

The purpose of this post is to get some feedback, as I am a beginner in the front-end (web-dev) environment!
Let me know what you guys think and what can improved📈!

Live Site


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You have some spelling & grammar mistakes in your portfolio. You have written 'noice', which should be nice. In your skills section you have written 'have build', which should be 'have built'. You have written 'few' and 'some'. Be specific and straight-forward with your wording. Just say you have experience with framework 'X' and have built with 'Y'. Show why you're the best.

It also seems your padding at the contact section is a bit out of the margin on desktop. On mobile it looks good.

Here is what I like about your portfolio:

  • I like the color combination and animation. It looks simple and straight-forward.
  • Good you put the code and live demos of your projects. They look really good!
  • Download button of resume is nice bonus

Overall, great looking portfolio!


Thanks for the feedback!
I will look into the grammatical mistakes (but 'noice' is an Easter egg for the fans of Brooklyn 99).
Will look into the padding issue.
And thank you so much again for the constructive feedback! ♥


For grammar things, I like this site: hemingwayapp.com/

Free, doesn't save anywhere, just tells you your grammar checking results and some tips for things like reading level and complexity (which is nice for when you're making something for a hiring manager vs a recruiter... keep things more business friendly rather than tech savvy if the target audience isn't your immediate peers)


Hey Rishab, I like the color schema and the design but would suggest the following changes:

  • add more padding to the containers
  • change links color, the contrast ratio is too low
  • remove bg image from the hero section, IMHO minimalistic white background will look better*
  • change that "3d animation" on hover on your portfolio site, maybe consider slide-down animation or just simple fade

But overall it looks clean and elegant, I like it!

(*) dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/i/...


Thanks for the feedback! will surely take those in consideration ♥


Hey !

  • In the portfolio Creative work section the Git Hub Source Code Icon is not visible on hover for the elements in the upper row.
  • Add a margin-bottom of 100px to the class .frame.col-sm-4.pb-4
         margin-bottom : 100px;

The fun of this is that little by little you improve your portfolio with what you learn, but mother!! to be your first portfolio is incredible 😍 I really like the concept. If you saw my first portfolio you would laugh 🤦🏽‍♀️


We have all been there! But thanks for the feedback! ♥
And my first portfolio was this template


Also beautiful, clean and smooth 💜 I like it!


Couple of things:
1.Achievements and skills pages looks a bit empty on desktop view. Maybe create some card-styling for each achievement/skill and distribute them horizontally across the view?
2.I would add a small description under each project in Portfolio page, describing what problems did you solve and what tech stack did you use, without need to open them.
3.Reduce the height of the footer, if you are not planning to add an extra content there.

*I guess you built it mobile first, as it feels great on smaller screens.
Good job overall.


Thanks for the feedback! Will surely make some changes in regards to the blank space and the size of the footer. And Yeah, it was built as mobile first! ♥


Great work Rishab!!

Coincidently even I had used the same image as a cover photo for my first portfolio!!

One quick suggestion, add some smooth transitions on hover, especially in my skills section, it will look nicer! And keep up the good work!


Thanks for the suggestion will come up with something creative! ❤️


Great work, added you on Twitter there 💜As a beginner I would be very proud 😁


I would remove your phone number and email from your website, but if you really want to include them then change them to an email and phone number dedicated to your website, there are web crawlers that will pick up your email and number and spam you.


Thanks for the heads up, yeah I will remove them!✔