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How to create a developer presence in #Twitter

ritchieeinstein profile image Ritchie Einstein ・1 min read

Hello fellow developers. I'm kind of a guy who got into the internet when Facebook started booming. And for social media presence, I preferred Facebook since all my friends were in it. And since then I didn't try any other platforms much.

I just create my common handle on all sites to avoid regretting about it later.

One of the main way to keep track of itself is through facebook.

But after the facebook's whole privacy issue came out, I planned to get rid of facebook and settle for decent social media platform. And I chose twitter since many developers are in it and it can funnel me towards programming regime and not funny cat videos.

The Problem: I created a twitter account and started following few people. But its like my Following numbers are higher than my followers. I really don't get this concept. How do developers create a presence for them in Twitter?

I have a feeling like my Twitter Handle is somewhere in a graph with lowest possible node weight which rarely gets any action to begin interaction with it (aka dead node).

P.S: I know this question might be elementary or Stupid one. But A true stupid one is the question which was left unasked. Hence asked.


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Tyler V. (he/him)

I would recommend participating in a weekly Twitter chat if possible! They are great ways to meet other developers and provides a good interaction period.

  • has one on Tuesdays at 9pm EST (#DevDiscuss)
  • Code Newbie has one on Wednesdays at 9pm EST (#CodeNewbie)
  • Wizards in Tech has one on Thursday at 9:34pm EST (#WizardsInTech)
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