A node module that returns an array of Bad Words and Top Swear Words Banned by Google.

robertjgabriel profile image Robert James Gabriel ・1 min read

Google has inadvertently created an API that third-party developers can use to check whether a word entered by a user is likely to be offensive or not. This is now closed and was part of the Googles What Do You Love? site. So I scrapped this before it was closed and its now in a node module for people to use in projects. Hope you enjoy!!


$ npm install --save google-profanity-words


const googleProfanityWords = require('google-profanity-words');

googleProfanityWords.list(); //  [ '5h1t','5hit','a55','anal','anus',etc.....]  Returns a array of Profanity. 350

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JavaScript Joel

I'd love to see a script that would transform my source code variables into words from this list.

vberlier profile image
Valentin Berlier

inb4 babel-plugin-profanity

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JavaScript Joel

lol. I actually checked npm to see if this package exists!

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

I'm wondering why some of those patterns have whitespace at the end. Is that how they came from Google or is it an artifact of your scraping process? Matching would fail if a sentence ended in something like (ahem) "listplucking."

I'm terribly unfond of these sorts of measures though in general :)

kurisutofu profile image

How does that work?
Is that list being updated when google adds a new word to their swear list or is it static?

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Glenn Stovall

It returns an array, stored in plain text: github.com/RobertJGabriel/google-p...

lysofdev profile image
Esteban Hernández

This is great! I've been working on a Google Chrome plugin that removes profanity from web pages. My grandmother felt strongly about the issue.

coajaxial profile image

That's why bobs and vegana has become a meme: It's not in the list. :'D

shoupn profile image
Nick Shoup

I can't help but think about the great late George Carlin. Great job.

fergek profile image
Fernando Gekdyszman

Is it a parse-and-lookup for words or does it analyze natural language and sentence semantics?

jacobtstaggs profile image
Jacob Staggs

Nice, did not know this was a thing and will be good for sites with public chat. Thanks for sharing