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Advent of Code Wrap-Up

Ha! Get it? Wrap-up? Presents? Ha! Sorry.

We did it, everybody. It's been a long haul, with more than a few pretty difficult challenges. We had 58 people on the private leaderboard that I put up! Extra props to:

  • Mustafa Haddara
  • Jon Bristow
  • Samuel Dale
  • Andrew Reddish
  • @tech31842
  • Neil Gall
  • jenovs
  • Tiago Romero Garcia
  • Paula Gearon
  • r0f1

who got a majority of the solutions finished. There were a lot more people who also kept up for the most part, and I appreciate everybody who shared your solutions and collaborated.

Special thanks to @aspittel, as well as @ben and the DEV team for prompting me to do this, getting me started, providing me with a cover image template, and generally being awesome.

If you've got any feedback for how to improve these discussions for next year, how to make them easier to participate in or more enjoyable, or any comments at all, this is the place for those. Thanks again, Merry Christmas, and God bless you and your families!

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Tiago Romero Garcia

Thanks so much @rpalo for being the on bringing us this hella cool coding trip! I've learned so much from it and had a lot of fun so far!

Just like @aspittel I couldn't keep up with doing one every day but I am still determined to finish them all, I am right now on Day 20 and will be updating all your posts with my JavaScript solutions. I will be around for discussing solutions :)

Happy holidays!

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Ryan Palo

Iā€™m glad you had fun! Iā€™m planning on doing the same thing, using the next little while if downtime to solve all the ones I missed.

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Ali Spittel

šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ thank you so much for being so consistent and incredible with these. I had a ton of fun solving them with you all while I was still with it. Still want to try the rest, just got super busy!