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5 Tips to Maximize Productivity Every Developer Must Know

Programming can lead to a high paying career, but in the tech industry you often have to work long hours and rise up to challenge and put in the immense effort required. This article will provide you with actionable steps to take your productivity levels from meh to through the roof.

Let's Get Started

Tip 1: Nail the Fundamentals

Nailing the Fundamentals

Often beginners skim through the fundamentals, thinking the advanced topics are where the fun lies, then give up too soon saying the advanced topics are way too hard. Without the basics, of course grasping the advanced topics will seem out of reach.

So, even if the fundamentals seem boring or unimportant at first, they are extremely essential in your journey. Learning the fundamentals is an initial investment that will yield great dividends in the long run, an investment your future self will thank you for.

Tip 2: You Learn by Doing NOT Watching Videos

Developing practical skills is crucial to fly high in a Career in Programming. I have seen a lot of my friends watching some tutorials and thinking they have the necessary skills.

Theoretical skills are completely useless unless you can convert your thoughts into a properly implemented program. You learn something by DOING not STUDYING. That's also the exact problem with the education system

Students are given answers to memorize, not problems to solve

Another thing to keep in mind is not to get discouraged easily, often if you are taking on difficult challenges head-on, it would definitely take a long time before you have a breakthrough. For example, just to develop the algorithm to implement end to end encryption (E2EE) for Smartsapp took me 3 months.

Tip 3: Errors are Your Friends

Often when developers, especially beginners, come across an error, their reaction is somewhat like this:


Instead of losing your mind, if you just go through the error body, often you will find what causes the issue clearly mentioned, which would help you get rid of errors very quickly.

Learning to debug an application is simply the most important skill to master to level up your programming skills

Tip 4: Learn Touch Typing

Touch Typing isn't a mandatory, but definitely a good skill to have in your arsenal. It does significantly improves the time you need to type out anything, and as an added bonus, now you too can look cool in front of friends.

Fast Typing

Tip 5: Breaks are Important

After following all these steps, you must not forget to take breaks. It allows you to recharge and also come up with new and creative ideas to solve problems, thus making not just you programming better but your life in general easier.

Also continuously working isn't great for your health either, giving rise to issues with your eyes and spine. So you are highly encouraged to unwind and take a break from time to time.



In this article, we went through some tips on how to boost your productivity. Hope it helps you out in your journey. Happing Programming!

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Ali Nekoh

great and amazing, can you write about your approach how do you make time to write such a nice topic, I also mean the apps and other staffs collecting the materials and etcs. I am fascinated to write what I am good at but how. let me know your tips about it.

ruppysuppy profile image
Tapajyoti Bose

Thank you. I keep a block of time on Sunday in the morning specifically for writing the articles. Best of luck for your journey as a blogger! :)

z2lai profile image
  1. What fundamentals?
ruppysuppy profile image
Tapajyoti Bose

Fundamentals of the topic you are learning. For example in case of css, knowing the basic properties thoroughly (like z-index works with only positioned elements)

nepha profile image

What do you mean by Touch Typing?🧐

ruppysuppy profile image
Tapajyoti Bose

Touch typing is a style of typing using all 10 fingers, it allows you to type really fast