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Does my portfolio looks good ?

Hello mates,

Please look into my portfolio and give me a feedback.

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kaybee930 profile image

Hi Kowtha! I like the overall aesthetic, personally I think adding a second font would be more visually pleasing.

There are also a few grammatical errors that I would be happy to help you with. Nothing major, just a few things that a proofreader (me 😆) couldn’t help but notice. Feel free to email me and I can let you know a few simple changes that might stand out to potential clients.

Other than that, I volunteer as your Frontend tutee if you ever want to do any tutoring. 😋

Hope your day is beautiful!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Really clean, really solid, really fast and functional.

I'd say at this point, I'd seek out ways to make it look more unique, a little less generic. I think it's great to get to a good place with slick minimalism, but now is a good time to focus on any small details where you can make the design stand out just a little bit more.

The skills page, for example, could probably be designed a bit more vs just being text. And you could seek to level up from these somewhat generic illustrations.

Again, it's great to first get to this place, but if you want to really make it work you could probably keep up with some small changes!

Happy coding!

sakethkowtha profile image

Thank you @ben will work on that. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

sherrydays profile image
Sherry Day

I'd +1 most of this.

brittanyjthomas profile image
Brittany Thomas

I think overall it looks good. I would suggest implementing a way to go back to the home screen when on the blog screen.

sakethkowtha profile image

Good idea @brittanyjthomas . Will implement that!

galexisfr profile image

I was searching for this comment !

alfiks profile image

Looks really good. My only comment would be to add a link in the project titles on project page, somehow Continue reading doesn't stand out too much.

nastyox1 profile image

i have never seen someone's favicon be a picture of themselves. nice.