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Ask DEV: What are the best things to do when starting a job at a new company?

Hi All,

I thought I'd start a neat discussion for today. Following on from Day 8 of #BytesOfWisdom. I think getting up to speed quickly and adding value quickly is a great way to prove yourself at a new company.

What do you think are some other things that are great to do when starting a new job?

Discuss! :)

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Lauren Schaefer

If you're remote, set up short one-on-one meetings with your teammates and other key people you want to get to know. Share your work histories as well as something personal (hobbies, family, passions, etc). Once you've gotten to know someone, asking for a quick bit of help is so much easier.

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Syndicate ASAP and read carefully all of the contract papers so that you know how to act if the company does something fishy.