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I will work for free

I will work on every project for free because I need to gain experience, I did some work with PHP - HTML - CSS/SASS - JS - SQL. If you have some work and need help, Contact me

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Then I would suggest you contribute to open source software instead of building a project for someone for free to gain experience.

You get to pick how much work you want to do, you get to see an existing code base and how it is structured and managed, you get to interact with other developers and learn how to communicate effectively, you can show your coding ability (and communication skills) to prospective employers etc.

Far better use of your time!

Oh and if you are scared by open source, don’t be, there is a Discord server called “EddieHub” that can show you how to get started and help you find your first issue to tackle, raise your first Pull Request etc.

Good luck in your journey! ❤️

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Shai Almog


I would also add that anyone who would take you up on such internship will waste your time. Open source is the exception and is always welcoming. It will be the best thing in your resume.

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Jon Randy 🎖️


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If you just want experience - as the others have already said - contribute to OSS. Otherwise, take paid internships or trainee jobs. Don't give away your time for free in hopes of moving up - you'll end up undervaluing your own work later.

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Pieter van der Westhuizen • Edited

As others have said, never work for free. You can work for cheap, but never for free.

Working on your own project or on OSS, won't be for payment, but its value lies in that it gives you a body of work to show your abilities to potential employers.

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🌌 Sébastien Feugère ☔

Consider being paid as a contractor. It makes things much cheaper for companies. The experience you would gain deserve a compensation. If you really feel like not involving money for some reason, consider contributing to open-source.

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Pierre Gradot

If you want to "work for free", be a volunteer for some kind of non profit organization ;)

Never work for free if someone earns money from that : you deserve a part of this money.

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Rishi Khan

Are you familiar with React? We are looking for some help on our startup where we have an app but myself as the only developer am a bit overloaded with my job and can't dedicate as much time

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I'm familiar with JS, but I can learn React

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Rishi Khan

Can you send me an email at and we can organise a meet to see if you are interested in the project.

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Go to linkedin and find jobs from starts ups which wants to hire volunteer or free internship.
Here, you can learn team communication, how they work together, skills, agile methodology etc
I am a CTO at a company and hired some as internship.
They're so passionate but code quality was not good. but was good for listening their ideas.. Lol
Good luck

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Jean-Michel 🕵🏻‍♂️ Fayard • Edited

There is a very important principle in a very famous book:

The worker deserves his wages

Nope, the book is not the manifesto of the communist party.

Google it.

So if you want to work for free, work for you.

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The best thing you can do is to browse beautiful open-source projects mainly in #cloudcomputing, #cloudgovernance, #cybersecurity, #cloudcompliance; just search for it. I do contribute to add to my experience, but at the same time, I work for my bread and butter. Good luck. Reach out if you need any above-stack project references, which are growing fast in this domain.

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Well you can contribute to some open source project that interests you or make your own project

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sectasy • Edited

If you're interested you can contribute to my library written in python, It would be nice to have a landing page .

Good luck!

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Wj • Edited

"If you are doing things for free, you are doing charity. Unless you are a millionaire, don't do charity, especially doing it alone."


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Bro I think you should work on open source projects or be a freelancer so you can learn and practice your skills while earning a little cash. You can use a platform like Fiverr.

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Mike Rozner

Don't work for free, are you 🥜