What tutorials would make a non-developer think you're a magician?

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While watching this Redux video from Dan Abramov I was quite sure that if I would show this to my non-developer friends, they would be shocked.

What other tutorials like that are out there? Any that blew your mind or you had to watch/read multiple times to understand?

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Definitely DHH's "How to build a blog in 15 minutes with Rails" from 2005. Saw this before I fully understood Rails(not that I understand it 100% today). Still wow me to this day.


Haha, I love that "You've put Ruby on Rails!". A lot of frameworks ship with built in blog support nowadays, but building one from scratch in 15 minutes is amazing indeed!


Rubber duck scripts.

Saw someone load one of these on a USB, plug it into the computer, and the script took over.
It was actually a security talk - but seeing this type of 'movie' stuff in real life is like holy crappppp.


So they can be malicious- I would be very careful about what you download.
Here’s some that the speaker provided. They generate ascii art, but after trying one you can definitely see how they could be used for evil 😱


Anything that would have to do with ML! Even developers would think you have supernatural powers.


Haha great, also a rather simple way of doing it, instead of going in miles deep with computer vision.


Lol that would certainly be overthinking the problem. Though I'm sure you could do a lot with computer vision to make non-devs and devs alike think it's magic.


All the Three.js things. Generating particles and 3d objects in a few lines of code remains mind-blowing to myself as well.

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