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The CodeNewbie Journey Continues

I’m incredibly excited to announce that CodeNewbie is officially joining the DEV family! We at CodeNewbie spend all of our time thinking about how we can better serve our community, and there’s no one better to go on that mission with than DEV.

When CodeNewbie was started almost seven years ago, it was built as a simple weekly Twitter chat made to provide much needed support, love, and resources to people who are just getting started on their coding journey. Now, we’ve grown to include two podcasts, our annual conference, Codeland, added a Sunday Twitter chat, and done over 300 Twitter chats. Our podcasts have been downloaded over 4M times and we’ve helped countless people feel a little less alone as they work their way through their careers. But there’s still so much important work to be done to create a more inclusive and supportive tech community, and, now, we get to continue working on that mission with DEV.

The DEV community is the embodiment of everything we believe a community should be: empowering, inclusive, and, most of all, kind. I’m so excited to continue working towards an even stronger tech community under the incredible DEV organization.

I’ll continue to host the podcasts and serve as an editorial consultant for DEV. I could not have asked for a better home for CodeNewbie. We’re going to continue on our mission of building the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code, and I can’t wait for you to see what we do next. Happy coding!

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Ben Halpern
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Peter Kim Frank

I'm so excited to work with you, but more importantly to learn from you. Can't wait to see what we'll all accomplish together.

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Pachi 🥑

Saron, Just Thank you for being your awesome self !

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Aweys Ahmed

Congratulations and thanks for putting out such great content the has helped many people stay motivated on their coding journey.

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Aubrey Fletcher

Go Saron! Go Saron! Congrats to the CodeNewbie Fam!

hcmlopes profile image

Congrats, I love the podcast and I hope this makes you happy

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