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Well hello nerds,

I have a very serious question or may be a weird one. Let’s say if the big tech giants co-existed with Superheroes. Will they be able to crack their secret Identity.

Which superhero will most vulnerable and which one will be most secure.

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Iron Man probably has a lot of vulnerabilities that other heroes don't have just because of being built on computer technology to begin with. He must be connected to the Internet via Jarvis and other functionality.

Age of Ultron explored this.

Since Spider-man leaves webbing behind before it dissolves in a day or so, I feel like that info could be tracked and could lead back to Peter Parker pretty quickly. But since he's in journalism and generally pretty tech savvy, I feel like he'd probably evade some of the surveillance and be pretty good about leaving false clues.

The X-Men generally seem ahead of the game in terms of stealth tech and leveraging IT to their benefits, and they have a lot of tools for creating misdirection and mild chaos (like Storm controlling the weather), that they'd probably stay ahead of the game. A lot of their plots specifically include attempts by the government to track them down, and they typically handle it well.


Google photos would do a lot here for a lot of super heroes.

Google Photos face match superman


You know in one of the continuities, it is established that nobody can click a perfect photo of Superman because he is always vibrating his face at super speed. There are so many other cool reasons.

This is also a really cool read. 😃

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