Which coffee do you drink? β˜•οΈ 🧐

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I recently watched this video learnt a lot from this so I thought let's share with my homies and ask about which coffee they drink.

So Post a picture of your beans, if you use them or coffee of pack if not.

Here is mine

Alt Text

Also, if you feel like writing after drinking coffee we are looking for author πŸ˜….
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My coffee beans
I'm not a coffeeholic πŸ˜Šβ˜• But, I've this raw coffee beans cultivated by myself. Color will change after the whole process.


Cool, So you can drink healthy coffee without chemicals


Thats amazing. ✨

I roasted all of my own coffee for about a year in the garage on a hot air popper. I never cultivated my own though.


Not drinking β˜•, but i got into the taste that i want to avoid the addiction so i use Inka, a special sort of roasted rice. Low on cals and high in nutrients πŸ‘


Roasted rice... well, then again, I drink rice tea, so why not


Recently found out from my gf there is rice flour. I guess some rice bread with rice tea might sound like a deli-rice-ous breakfast ngl. πŸ‘€

Dunno about bread, but I like adding rice flour to my pancake mix. Too much of it and they will become really dry though, so rice bread might not be such a good idea ;P


Max budget for coffee is $8.50 per pound; coffee over that is never tasted. My favorite coffee is anything but French Roast. My extra favorite coffee is whatever pair's well with banana's, that'd be light / medium roasted Arabica beans. β˜•

BTW! Seeing how this is a DEV Community, I've played around with this fun software named after coffee! Check out coffeecup.com/ if you wanna check it out.

p.s. - so many people in here talking about tea 🍡, and for that, i'd recommend using steepster.com/teas website... another great resource.

I've been fortunate to try many different coffee flavors / roasts. Believe it or not, the dollar store coffee (usually from Vietnam) is quite good and so are the (free) sample packs at hotels.

I recommend whole bean coffee, this way you can grind before you brewing. If you have a Keurig machine, you should invest in a $4 re-usable k-cup filter too!


I drink ice coffee.

1.- Make the coffee
2.- Put it in the fridge.
3.- Wait until is cold.
4.- Pour 3/5 of coffee inside a cup.
5.- Pour milk and /or sugar or not.
6.- Enjoy.


I love iced Americano too.


But if you pour it on the cup it will fall off :(


Yeah, that's how I drink it....

You can't image how I laughed about the comment..

Lol I'm just teasing, since you've fixed it you can now drink it :)

I actually can't, coz it ended up on the floor


I add ice cream and throw it in the blender.


H**l yeah! That's what I call treat yourself.


I'm really into the Trade Coffee service. I try to get coffee from local roasters ... but with the obvious reason I haven't been able to. Plus (as far as I know) it's helping smaller roasters.

Also whole bean all the way.


I use a light roast (origin changes, but I think I'm drinking Tanzanian right now) that is roasted by my local Coffeeshop/Bar. I'm not enough of a fetishist to bother with grinding fresh, though I wish I had the patience. I also make cold brew from locally roasted mix of medium and dark roasted Sumatran and Kenyan coffee.


I do ground whole beans, mostly with my Chemex. My favorite roaster is Counter Culture, but there are many other local roasters I go to, as well.

Sometimes I'll do an aeropress, French press, or cold brew via French press.


Right now, it's store-brand "sealed for freshness" pre-ground coffee out of a Mr. Coffee.

My ideal set up is freshly roasted Yirgacheffe from Sweet Maria's roasted lighter than most people would do an espresso roast as an Americano.


I actually don't drink coffee; I'm more of a tea person :D


Wow so many tea people here.


Whatever gets the Job done, but I always go for Low acidity.



Yes! TeamCoffee πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Rich people have coffee beans. I buy little sachets of coffee powder.


I drink anything roasted local and light. I really like a good natural best, but the flavors can be a bit overwhelming after a week or so, and its back to washed.


We have team Tea here, but what about team Coke, haha. Oh, it's about coffee...


Used to do the fancy. Now I go with instant organic.


A local brand in Seattle, Lighthouse. I like their "lighthouse blend" as it has a nice rich flavor that goes well with my espresso or french press.


Thinking about getting back into roasting my own, and eventually crowdfunding the Linux powered home coffee roaster I've wanted to build for years.


Roasted Coffee from Ethiopia is my 1# choice. Always.


Colombian coffee Juan ValdΓ©z