What did you do in the first quarter of this year?

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So, 1/4th of the year is completed. How did you utilize it?

Here's how I utilised it.

  1. Gained sound knowledge in Laravel back-end with 5 projects for my company in three months.

  2. Started with Node JS & I think I'm pretty good in JavaScript to be precise.

  3. Learnt to build REST APIs with Express JS & JWT authentication.

  4. Learnt React pretty well with ant.design. I still need to improve my skills in styling.

  5. Learnt @meteorjs for developing full stack web apps using React.


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I've made some healthy gains in the management of urgency vs solidness. When to rush and when to slow down.

It's an ongoing learning process.


Great Ben!

  • Did a dive in web animations with GSAP. That lead me to going to Sarah Dranser and Val Head's Animation Workshop in Chicago, which was awesome.
  • Finally published my first ever blog post.
  • Started reading books more often.
  • Started counting my calorie intake everyday. That forced me to cook my own meals since I can exactly measure calories.

I started working on full client projects under my new agency name at the beginning of the year. Mainly spent my time building the agency's social media presence. Hired another developer. 2018 is dedicated to becoming more efficient at running a business.


Good to hear that from you. All the very best.


I've learnt how to use RESTful APIs and how to call them through UTL_HTTP. Continued my learning of SQL and PL/SQL, specifically in the creation of packages etc.

I've also bought myself a Full-Stack Developer course, and REACT course. In my spare time going through them so I can move into become a Front-End Developer at some point.


I started a new job.

Got more comfortable with PHP.

Fixed some really bad security vulnerabilities at my new company.

Didn't get fired (yet πŸ˜›).


Haha. Great. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Btw what editor are you using?


I wanna know about your phplinting configuration.


I've learned more of Vuejs, though I've yet to tackle some basic stuff that most people know like props, slots and mixins. Started some animation with GreenSock. Started Nodejs a bit for a project. Would dive deeper later after I get a grip over VueπŸ˜ƒ. Oh and made a few logos following some tutorials. Anyone know how I can get started with web design? I'm clueless about that pathπŸ˜…


Same here. Design is my biggest concern. πŸ˜›


Built the front end of the private cloud for my college which uses Openstack, using Node & Express.

Currently learning MongoDB to build an API for a startup