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How I cured my phone addiction

Recently, I have noticed that I was being hooked up to my smart phone a lot more than I should. My weekly screen time was so shocking to me. I was spending nearly 23 hours a week which is almost a day. It hit me. I said to myself that this better be a wake up call.

The steps I took to reduce my screentime and increase productivity

  1. The first step is to understand the problem and accept that it's very unhealthy for a person to spend too much time hooked with a smartphone.

  2. I deleted the app I was wasting my time on. Starting with facebook. Many calls it social detox. First few days I felt the itch to check my notifications but with self restrain, I got over it and I feel so much free of negativity. I feel a lot better with only using messenger and only communicating with very few people.

  3. I stopped purchasing mobile data. I don't know if it worked for anyone else but it worked for me. Without the mobile data, I began to notice my surroundings. I am now enjoying going for walks or uber rides home because I am no longer on my phone.

  4. I increased the numbers of productivity applications on my phone. Deleted unused apps.

  5. I began to use to wifi off button. I no longer feel like it's necessary to leave the wifi on all the time. It's not, they have the on/off button for a reason. I used to be the kind of person who'd leave the wifi on and would get up from the dinner table just to check any popping notification. Now, switching off wifi feels like a bliss.

  6. Establishing a thought that my smart phone is with me all the time but it doesn't means that I should be on it all the time and I should only use it when I need to. This one simple thought helped me to reduce my screen time to 87% this week and I am glad to see that I am actually free from my smartphone's invisible handcuffs.

I believe we must maintain a balance. I am doing everything I can with my will power to maintain that balance between productivity and entertainment. When it come's to my productivity I am not willing to make any compromises. But it doesn't means that I am willing to spend hours working with no breaks. No way, I take small breaks and big breaks as well while working/learning. Feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts.

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ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Nice post, this is something we can all use help with.

sejutisharmin profile image
Sejuti Sharmin

Thank you for appreciating Ben!

saschadev profile image
Der Sascha

I did the same for me. Not all of them. But ibrealized that I must not hop of the dinner table to Check every notification. No message is so important that it will Interrupt me communicating with my younger boys

dabjazz profile image

Turning your mobile data or wifi option really do help a lot. After turning it off and focusing on studying the concentration wents to a next level and you can't even keep track of time that you studied for how long.

manchicken profile image
Michael D. Stemle, Jr.

This is marvelous. Thanks for sharing.

sejutisharmin profile image
Sejuti Sharmin

You're welcome and I appreciate the feedback.

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