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I definitely couldn't just name one for sure, but Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is really special to me


I was stupid-lucky enough to see her perform it live right after it came out in a little beer garden in back of a bar in Athens, GA. (I was lucky a friend asked me to go, and I was not-stupid enough to say 'yes').


Wait what... you didn't said yes Tom ?


It's just awesome to listen to other's fav songs


There are way too many favourites to choose just one - but Sympathy for the devil is one of them, and so is take me to church... Rock n roll nerd is also epic.


There are sooooooooo many, but this song is one. If my life had a theme song, this would be it:


"Jack and Diane" by Paul Mellencamp.


It's English or some other language ?


Tenerife is the name of island in spain but "Tenerife sea" is the song that I loved.

Looks like a nice song ... going to listen now


Right this second it’s:
Life on Mars by David Bowie.


Someday Out Of The Blue by Elton John. It has a special place in my heart.



Jeff Buckley is my all-time favorite artist, and my fav song is Everybody Here Wants You:


Will add it to the playlist, :)


Oh... a favourite song... that's hard, but if you want an album:


Mine is an Italian song published in mid '40: youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

So gentle, yet so powerful.


Love it .. thanks for sharing

Here's one remake youtu.be/GHMjD0Lp5DY


311 - Come Original
It's my theme song


Strangers by Sigrid
And literally every singlsingle song made by her


Since the last 2 months: Scappa ("escape") by Alessandro Cortini.
You need some good headphone for this 😁


It's tough to come up with just one song 😣. This specific live version of The Spirit Carries On by Dream Theater is one of the bests for me 🀘🏼:


I've like 50Β±10 songs Can't come with one too..... Will add it this to the playlist too


Israelites, by the inimitable Desmond Dekker 😁


The Trashmen - Surfin’ Bird