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WOW! Is definitely the future of online programming (without ide aka for iPad and Chrome OS).

Who knows if it's based on coder.


It's not going to be based off of Coder. Ex-Coder here, and I can tell you its more based on Visual Studio Online (now Visual Studio Codespaces). The VS Online extension doesn't work on Coder but in Codespaces it does (plus GitHub Codespaces has access to the VS Marketplace, Coder doesn't).


Looks very related to the Visual Studio Codespaces release earlier this year from Microsoft (as parent of Github)? Very similar capability, using VS Code as an editor and integration front end to a build and debug toolchain on a remote target, including a browser-based version of VS Code for those without local execution capability (iPad etc.)


Yeah but open source is what I'm concerned of


GitLab is making them release all these new features. Github also released free repositories for unlimited number of collaborators a month ago, and I believe it's all because of GitLab. Either way, I like Github's Codespaces because of their simplicity and clarity. Honestly, they seem to be heading in the good direction by making all these changes and releasing new features.

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