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Sidhant Panda
Sidhant Panda

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Node.js logger for Discord

I wrote a small library to send Node.js application logs to Discord in a structured format.

Github Project -


  • 6 levels of logging
  • Send complete error stack to Discord
  • Send JSON objects which will be pretty-printed in Discord
  • Configure meta data such as machine hostname, process id to be sent with every request

Some example messages.

  • Error Message
    error message example

  • Warning Message
    warning message example

  • Debug Message
    debug message example

  • Info Message
    info message example

  • Verbose Message
    verbose message example

  • Silly Message
    silly message example

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John Melody Me

I did as the tutorial it return

TypeError: DiscordLogger is not a constructor

I think it is deprecated?

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John Melody Me

For those who face the same issue as mine. visit since I provide a better method :)